“That they may all be one;

even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You,

that they also may be in Us,

so that the world may believe that You sent Me.”

~John 17:21, NASB~

Pray for Robbie Lynn and her family as she is receiving treatment at the hospital in Jackson.

Pray for Dan Turner as he continues to work to regain his strength and control.  Pray for his family and friends as they continue to encourage and aid him in many ways.

Pray for Mr. Bobby Lawson as he has work done by the dermatologist.

Pray for Mr. John Alan Blackwell, Mrs. Betty Catherine Hatcher, and others as they continue to make great effort to be in Sunday School each week.

Missions in Tangipahoa Parish – World Changers

SBC 2013 -SBC 2013: Why bother with the SBC? –  Working together is the best approach.

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “Rock of Ages”

I think this a a good devotional to save so it can be shared.

Encouragement – Moments of Hope – “A Single Mother’s New Beginning”

I heard another report of VBS this week.  This one was at Kedron.  What a blessing VBS is to our children and grandchildren!  I’m so thankful for the efforts of people in all our area churches to give their all to VBS each summer.

Upcoming Camps – FBC, Kentwood

Centri- Kid at Milsaps – July 8-12

XFUGE at Houston – July 22-26

Now is a good time to pray for the youth and adults attending camps.  Pray for those participating in camp leadership who will guide our young people.  What an awesome experience for all!

Third Thursday Meeting – Tonight at our cabin at 6:30.  Everyone is invited.

Prayer Meeting (last night) – Thanks to James Rimes for leading.  The lesson on obedience was presented well, even if all the notes were in the other maroon Bible.  We are blessed with Godly men who are willing to share at any given opportunity.

Continue to be obedient to God and make a difference in lives “wherever you are planted”.

Anna Lee


“For the Lord God is a sun and shield;

The Lord will give grace and glory;

No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

~Psalm 84:11, NKJV~

Susan Rimes is having more health issues.  Pray she will soon be feeling much better.

Mrs. Mary Womack fell at home and cracked her femur.  She is at North Oaks and will be moved to North Oaks rehab for an extended period or time.

Buddy Morris did very well yesterday.  He will be able to have a normal day at home today unless he developed a problem during the night.

Jesse Wall is at North Oaks and expecting to have gall bladder surgery by the end of the week.  Pray for a successful surgery and a good recovery.

Mrs. Ruby Dillon called to request prayer for one of her great-granddaughters.   Anna Grace “Gracie” Dillon will have her tonsils removed today at Baptist Hospital in Jackson, MS.  Pray all goes well so she can soon be feeling better.

Pray for Paul Morgan, father of Zach as in ‘Zach’s Lidz for Kidz’.  Paul was in the ER last night and found to have cellulitis.  Pray medication will help him feel better quickly.

Continue to pray for Robbie Lynn.  She got to enjoy the company of her dad yesterday.  Pray for the family as they help fight her illness one day at a time.

Our little granddaughter in Prague completed fourth grade Friday and broke a big toe Monday at a birthday party.  She has a cast up to her knee and is expected to be still until Friday when she will get a walking cast.  Pray for her and her family.

Prayers of Eli – He’s having a difficult week.

Spring Creek had almost 200 in VBS last night.  Pray for another good night and a wonderful week.

Line Creek will have VBS June 23-27 from 5:30-8:30.  Their kickoff will be this Saturday from 11:00 – 1:00 at the Cutrer’s.

The youth from The Lord’s Church are having a successful week at camp, but Bro. Don has learned that pastors should leave the camp games to the youth.  He will be fine, but has some bruises on his face as a reminder.

Hillsdale Baptist Church is having a homecoming on the 5th Sunday of this month.  You are invited to attend and enjoy the activities of the day which will include “dinner on the grounds” and special music.

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “Play in Pain” –

God will provide for our needs on a daily basis.  That includes the ability to handle the difficult days and the difficulties of life.  We all need to realize he want us to trust Him on the good days and on the difficult days.

Encouragement – A Moment of Hope – “A Daughter’s Death, A Father’s Forgiveness “ –

May your day be one of giving love and encouragement to others.  May your voice and your actions be a witness for Jesus no matter what is on your schedule today.

Anna Lee

Wednesday Evening

Chase Birch did well in surgery.  The family appreciates your prayers to this point and requests your prayers as healing and physical therapy will continue for a while.

Rachel Rhodes (and dad, Bro. Keith) are home and so thankful to have had the experience of doing mission work in Rwanda.

The floods that were in Prague, CR last week are now in Hungary.  This report is from my young granddaughter in Prague.  Please pray for all those who have had or will have damage as the snow melts and the rains fall.

Jennie said a group from the New Orleans area where her children had the opportunity to participate in Upward Basketball/Cheering will be in Prague to train workers so the program can begin in the Christian International School of Prague.  This will be one of the first activities in the newly purchased school building.  Pray for the rewards of this program as it is developed.  Thank God for the people from the New Orleans area who are starting a great program in a new area.

Brady and Christy Haynes, another former youth minister at FBC, Kentwood were featured in a magazine in the area where they now live.  The article was about ” two of the Bays 50 most beautiful people LOL The coolest part is that the article was about who we are on the inside and they talked about our marriage. ”  If you know Brady and Christy, you already knew that!  It’s nice to know others also recognize that though.

Mr. Philip Harrel is having back problems.  Pray he gets to feeling better soon.  “Miss” Annie Bell is about the same.  Pray for this sweet couple.

Mrs. Shirley Frazier will be going to Mandeville tomorrow to have more tests done.  Pray for her as she travels and sees the doctor.  She is enjoying spending a little time on the porch and in the yard, two things she enjoys the most.

Mr. Larry Carruth‘s esophagus surgery went well today.  Pray for him and his family as they go through the healing process as well as chemo.


“And this gospel of the kingdom

will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations,

and then the end will come.”

~Matthew 24:14, NKJV~


Daddy (Larry Carruth of Greensburg) will have surgery tomorrow morning to remove his Esophagus. This is a major surgery that is necessary in the treatment of his cancer. Please keep him in your prayers.

Becky Carroth Lindsey

(He will be at Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge.)

Angie Nielson’s mother’s test came out fine yesterday.  Thanks for praying.

Chase Birch will have surgery today on his pitching (right) arm.  Pray for him today and as he faces the long recovery process.

Pat Hoosier (written by Melissa H. Liberto)

God is awesome!!! Your prayers are such a blessing!! Dad is going to be able to start his chemo back up today. The oncologist was concerned about his liver because it didnt show up to good 3 weeks ago in a CT and then last week his protein and magnesium levels were down. Last weeks CT showed that dad’s liver looked remarkable (that’s how they described it) and the cancer in the liver has gotten much smaller in size. Yesterday his protein levels were back up and his magnesium was still down but not as much. I believe and know God wanted us to see more of his work. If last weeks bump in the road wouldn’t have happened then we wouldn’t know how great his liver was doing. Thank you God!!

Prayers for Eli –

Baptist Press

  • Calvinism team addresses question: What’s next?
  • Luter sails to second term as SBC president

Mission Trips

  • Bro. Keith and Rachel had a fantastic opportunity and experience as they ministered in Rwanda. (The Simple Church)
  • The mission team from East Fork Baptist Church is ministering in Honduras this week.  Keep their work in your prayers.

“Where No One Else Would” –  Check this out on under moments of hope

It was our privilege to visit with the family of Mr. Roy Mitchell last night.  The American flag, special flag from his military service, and the wreaths that said “Army” and “X-POW” really touched my heart.  I thank God for the men and women of the Greatest Generation.

Anna Lee


“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you;

and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem,

in all Judea and Samaria,

and to the ends of the earth.”

~Acts 1:8~


John Orr, in Tyler, Texas, came through his surgery well.  Pray for him as he goes through rehab in the coming days.

Robbie Lynn update –

Missions – Pray for the workers in many churches who prepare to teach in VBS in their area churches.  What a blessing to be able to share Jesus with boys and girls!

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “Savor Every Bite” –

Baptist Press –

Inspiration – What is Moments?

No Ordinary Storm: The Joplin Tornado (A Moment of Hope)  –

I saw this over the weekend on the Insp channel.  I hope it inspires you too.  I think we are capable of so much more than we do.  I also believe most of us do not live up to the potential God sees in us.  This is one example of those who stepped out to live out the Scripture at the top of this post.

Anna Lee