Let the message about Christ,

in all its richness,

fill your lives.”

~Colossians 3:16a NLT~


Continue to pray for John Orr who is now in rehab in Tyler, TX.  His wife, my aunt, Naomi, is exhausted.  She she gets some rest and he gets some good exercise time.

Wow!  A second explosion at a plant in two days.  The one at Donaldsonville yesterday, also killed one person and injured a number of others. Pray for those who have to go to work in a plant today and in the coming days.  From my friends, I have learned how difficult it it to send their loved ones into such a place to work on a daily basis.

Mrs. Mary Rohner of Greensburg passed away.  I taught Paige and Kip.  Please pray for this family.  The coming days will be difficult for them.

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Inspirational – A Moment of Hope – “Family is Forever” –

Missions – Kids on Mission Media – “Trekking Tales (Geography of South America) –

Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day.  Spend some time today preparing so tomorrow won’t be so hectic.

Anna Lee

Wednesday Evening

Chase Birch did well in surgery.  The family appreciates your prayers to this point and requests your prayers as healing and physical therapy will continue for a while.

Rachel Rhodes (and dad, Bro. Keith) are home and so thankful to have had the experience of doing mission work in Rwanda.

The floods that were in Prague, CR last week are now in Hungary.  This report is from my young granddaughter in Prague.  Please pray for all those who have had or will have damage as the snow melts and the rains fall.

Jennie said a group from the New Orleans area where her children had the opportunity to participate in Upward Basketball/Cheering will be in Prague to train workers so the program can begin in the Christian International School of Prague.  This will be one of the first activities in the newly purchased school building.  Pray for the rewards of this program as it is developed.  Thank God for the people from the New Orleans area who are starting a great program in a new area.

Brady and Christy Haynes, another former youth minister at FBC, Kentwood were featured in a magazine in the area where they now live.  The article was about ” two of the Bays 50 most beautiful people LOL The coolest part is that the article was about who we are on the inside and they talked about our marriage. ”  If you know Brady and Christy, you already knew that!  It’s nice to know others also recognize that though.

Mr. Philip Harrel is having back problems.  Pray he gets to feeling better soon.  “Miss” Annie Bell is about the same.  Pray for this sweet couple.

Mrs. Shirley Frazier will be going to Mandeville tomorrow to have more tests done.  Pray for her as she travels and sees the doctor.  She is enjoying spending a little time on the porch and in the yard, two things she enjoys the most.

Mr. Larry Carruth‘s esophagus surgery went well today.  Pray for him and his family as they go through the healing process as well as chemo.


“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you;

and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem,

in all Judea and Samaria,

and to the ends of the earth.”

~Acts 1:8~


John Orr, in Tyler, Texas, came through his surgery well.  Pray for him as he goes through rehab in the coming days.

Robbie Lynn update –

Missions – Pray for the workers in many churches who prepare to teach in VBS in their area churches.  What a blessing to be able to share Jesus with boys and girls!

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Inspiration – What is Moments?

No Ordinary Storm: The Joplin Tornado (A Moment of Hope)  –

I saw this over the weekend on the Insp channel.  I hope it inspires you too.  I think we are capable of so much more than we do.  I also believe most of us do not live up to the potential God sees in us.  This is one example of those who stepped out to live out the Scripture at the top of this post.

Anna Lee



Monday Afternoon

Melissa Johnson fell at work this morning and broke both shoulders.  She is in North Oaks.  A decision about whether or not to do surgery has not been made at this time.  Keep Melissa in your prayers.

Mrs. Catherine Yarborough is in North Oaks with heart issues.  She had A-fib.  Additional tests indicated a clot.  She will be on a blood thinner and will probably go into rehab so they can watch her medicine as well as her mobility.  Pray for her and her family as they take turns caring for her.

Mr. Pat Hoosier will begin another round of treatment Tuesday.

God has blessed my dad beyond measure. His cancer has responded so well to the chemo and with God in control he is taking care of so much more for dad. He will start chemo again tomorrow, please pray that it continues to be effective and for there travels. We appreciate that you all have taken time to pray for our family. May God bless you and your family!! Thank you and we love you with all our hearts!!

Melissa H. Liberto

Amber Prine Ragan –

Amber here: Mom and I are on our way back to MDA for my 1 month check up. I have blood work tonight to see how my body is handling the chemo. I also have an MRI tonight to make sure the rest of the tumor is behaving itself. I meet with my oncologist tomorrow morning to get the results of these test.
Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!!!

Update on flooding in Prague and surrounding areas – Water continues to rise as rain continues to fall.  Pray for the people who are affected.

My friend, Robin Wilson Moore, had made her delivery of needed supplies to Moore, OK.  Bro. Stan should have made it to OK too by now.  Isn’t it wonderful how God has blessed people of LA and other states and touched their hearts to share with those who have lost so much?

The young man who was killed last Monday will be brought to the Hammond airport tomorrow.  His funeral service will be at Eagle Heights  Church in a few days, possibly on the 10th.  I’ll post information as it is available.  His name was Chris Drake

VBS was wonderful.  When I left, they did not have a count yet.  I know I had fun and enjoyed seeing how the boys and girls absorb information and have such tender hearts.  It is wonderful to listen to them as they pray.  Tomorrow, we will prayerwalk.  I look forward to teaching them how to do this.  Lives will be changed this week!  If you know of any children who are available this week, encourage them to come to the church at 8:15 tomorrow.  It is not too late to register.

Camp Living Waters needs a nurse.  If you can help some or through Thursday, please call 985-345-1831 as soon as possible.  I know God will lay this need on the right hearts.  The boys and girls at camp need a nurse!




“Give thanks to the LORD! Call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples!”

~Psalm 105:1~

VBS Time Change – I reported VBS begins at 8:25, but the bulletin at church yesterday said 8:15.  Please bring your children by 8:15 so they don’t miss out on anything.

Disaster Relief

  • Some friends from West Monroe took an 18-wheeler load of items to Moore, OK yesterday.  I think God for what they did to collect and deliver a load to people in need.  Way to go, Robin and Mike!
  • Bro. Stan and Joe Kelly are on the way to OK with a load of donations from our association.  They planned to spend last night in the Shreveport area and continue their trip today.  Thanks to all who donated through their local churches.

Continue to pray for Robbie Lynn.  Her Caring Bridge site is operational again.  Robbie Lynn asks you not to call her room now so she can rest.  She really wants to go home next weekend.

Mrs. Velma Kliesch has been moved to ICU because of pneumonia.  Pray for her and for her family, some of whom are vacationing in Florida.

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “Wise Words” –

Family – In case you’ve heard about the massive flooding in Prague and other areas, my family is high and dry. Pray for those who are not so blessed.   Schools, subways, etc. are shut down.

I’m looking forward to sharing Missions at VBS for grades 3-6 this morning.  

Anna Lee



“I called to the LORD in my distress, and I cried to my God for help.

From His temple He heard my voice, and my cry to Him reached His ears.”

~Psalm 18:6~

Pray for Joan Hagan at a Baton Rough nursing home.

Pray for Fay Carol C. Todd as she prepares for surgery tomorrow.  Knowing her, I know she will appreciate each and every prayer.

Firma Kay Schneeweiss asks for prayer for her sister-in-law, Nancy Moran, who will have kidney replacement surgery on May 28th.  Pray God prepares Nancy and the donor (another sister-in-law) so they will be prepared in every way.

Mrs. Annie Bell Harrell has been hospitalized at Greensburg for a couple of days.  She’s had a long health struggle.

Please continue to pray for Eli and his family (Prayers for Eli on Facebook).

Hillsdale Baptist Church

HOMECOMING IS NEXT SUNDAY MAY 26,2013. Regular Worship service at 11 am. Then dinner on the grounds followed by special music by the Hillsdale Quartet and the ADHD BAND . Look forward to seeing you there.

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “A Sure Salvation” –

Missions – Apply to be a CentriFuge staffer –

My children worked as staffer at Gloriaetta and Camp Ridgecrest.  They had wonderful growing experiences and went back summer after summer.  It will help any young person grow up, gain responsibility, and grow in the Lord.  Encourage someone to work in a camp this summer.

Pray for those who are in the path of a tornado today and those who faced tornados this weekend.  May the tornados be a lesson in what is truly important in life!

Anna Lee



“LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble;

You will strengthen their hearts.

You will listen carefully.”

~Psalm 10:17~

Pray for the world situation, especially our country.  Pray for politicians, voters, old, young, black, while, rich, poor, Christians, and unchristians.  Pray God will use all to make a better world for us all and to bring those who don’t know the Lord to sit at his table.

Pray for victims to man-made and natural disasters.  May we all do our best to keep ourselves and others stay safe.  Especially pray for the people of Texas who have faced the latest natural disaster.  May our disaster relief people be there to help them with meals, clean clothes, rebuilding, but mainly with their spiritual needs.

Mrs. Seymour, mother of two of my former students, Karen Joanne, and Becky, passed away last night.  Many of you may remember her as co-owner of a store of highway 16 between I-55 and highway 51.

I went to bed last night praying for the Jones family.  Read the latest posts and hear the heart of Gavin Jones.  Pray for peace for his thoughts and energy to face each day.

Baptist Press –

Wagon Missions – “Closer or Farther Away from God” – Written by Boyd Hatchel

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “I’m Sorry, Man”

As I ponder the good medical report I received Tuesday, I know all medical reports are not so positive.  Pray for each person visiting a doctor, because we never know when they might get a negative report.  Pray for those who will face that situation today.  Pray they will allow God to prepare their hearts for the near future and for eternity.  People in these situations are often very open to hearing God’s Word through us.  Take time to visit, call, pray, share a Scripture, etc. to help make their day a little lighter and their eternity much brighter.

Anna Lee


Tuesday, I will be having a MRI and seeing a neurologist at Ochsner in New Orleans.  This is a check-up on my brain tumor which was addressed with gamma knife surgery a year and a half ago.  I look forward to seeing how much more my brain tumor has shrunk since I was there a year ago for my last check-up.  I know I don’t hurt like I did for years before I had the surgery!  Join me in expecting a good report tomorrow.  Thank God for doctors who have skills and technology to treat medical issues in ways that were not possible in the past.

Thursday, we will have our monthly gathering at the cabin.  Join us at 6:30.  Our last meeting was one of the greatest worship services which I have been blessed to attend.  Don’t miss the blessing waiting for you Thursday!  It’s easy to mark your calendar for the “Third Thursday” each month.  That way you don’t forget when we meet.


Sometimes we have fears.  I just finished reading an essay on fears written by my sixth grade grandson, Miles.  He did an excellent job and impressed me with his writing and his understanding of how to overcome fears.  He named some of his fears and told how he overcame them.  Immediately after reading the essay, I read this verse.  I hope it helps some of you today.

“Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.”

~James 5:16a NIV)~

Continue to pray for Mrs. A.J. Redmond who is in Greensburg.  Pray for Mrs. Betty Catherine Hatcher as she continues to be responsible for the care of her aunt.

Mr. George Eddie Lee will be having shoulder surgery this morning in Baton Rouge.  Pray all goes well and recovery is effective and speedy.

Mrs. Lois Bridges continues her recovery from two broken hips.  Pray for Dianne and Patricia as they work to get their mother the best care possible.

Graduation seems to have slipped up on me this year.  Pray for the high school and college graduates who are completing one phase of their life and moving on the the next.  Pray they allow God to guide them in the many decisions they face at this time and in the future.

Mother’s Day  was celebrated in churches yesterday.  FBC, Kentwood had a very meaningful service both in the music and in the message.  I know hearts were touched.

Missions – MFuge is one of the centrifuge camps.  It focuses on missions, an area we really need to encourage our teens in.  Where a camper, a chaperone, or a staff person, each person’s life is changed by the days at MFuge.

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “Tulip Day”

I’m thanking God I have this day and looking forward to what it holds for me.  You do the same.

Anna Lee


I unplugged the computer early this morning when the weather go bad.  I know the weather was bad in the whole area, so you can understand why I did that.  Be alert to the weather conditions today and tomorrow.

They were “praising God and having favor with all the people.

And every day the Lord added to them those who were being saved.”

~Acts 2:47, HCSB~

Chuck Pullium continues to do very well following his knee surgery.  Please continue to pray for him.

Amber Prine Ragan is back at MD Anderson to get a report on her brain tumor biopsy and to meet with an oncologist if that is the next step for her.  Please continue to pray for this young mother and the whole family.

Missions – From Boyd’s facebook page

“During my visit to Kladno, I met a number of new families. Petr told me he lived in England for about six months. He knew a little English and even visited an Evangelical church. When we played a Christian CD on the speaker system, his wife Paula, knew the words and was singing. I asked Petr if he liked going to church. His response, “We need to start a church right here.” Not a bad idea… Amazing, how the Lord works!”

Kladno (Czech pronunciation: [ˈkladno]) is a city in the Central Bohemian Region (Středočeský kraj) of the Czech Republic. It is located 25 km northwest of Prague. Kladno is the largest city of the region and holds a population together with its adjacent suburban areas of more than 110,000 people (70,000 in Kladno proper). The city is part of the Prague metropolitan area.

Missions (From Compassion Net of IMB)

TAJIKS OF TAJIKISTAN – An IMB worker writes, “We recently completed a translation of the movie ‘The Gospel of John’ in Tajik. This is a direct presentation of the Gospel of John into Tajik in movie form. This could be huge in reaching people here! Please pray for us to be bold and intentional in giving out DVDs, and pray for people to have open hearts to hear and understand Truth.”

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “Waiting to Cheer”

Thanks so much for praying.  I’m sorry you cannot hear all the comments I receive thanking us for praying.  That doesn’t matter though.  You already know the importance of prayer!

Anna Lee