For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—

a righteousness that is by faith from first to last,

just as it is written:

“The righteous will live by faith.”

~Romans 1:17~


Bobby Forbes is better and in a regular room.  He will probably be ready to return to his home in Russelltown by Tuesday.  Continue to pray for him and his family.

Jeffrey Brister will have a complete shoulder replacement Tuesday.  This is another step in recovery from his motorcycle accident.

Today the Phillip Harrells celebrated their 76th anniversary.  He said they had company off and on during the day.  I thankful to God for the way He scheduled their guests so the company did not tire them out.


Read the Bible – II Chronicles 28-31 & Psalm 78


The work done at The Lighthouse today looks good.  I hope many of you get to stick your head in tomorrow so you can see the improvement that was made today.


Don’t forget to bring you $1.00 calculators tomorrow.  If you forget them, bring them later.  This coming week, we will be buying colorful bandanas .  They can be turned in on the 20th.  Those working with Operation Christmas Child will appreciate your participation.  More than that, the children who receive a shoebox will be super thrilled.


Don’t forget your food for the Fall Food Roundup for Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home.  The truck will be in Kentwood early on September 18th.


Thanks for reading and praying.

Anna Lee





Friday Evening

I have so much to share this afternoon, so I will jump right in.

Mrs. Ruby Dillon had a good day today.  I’m thankful for that!

Darin Fontz was recently honored as an exceptional coach.  He is not able to coach this year because of his health.  We all know football coaches love this time of year.  Pray for Darin as he misses this football season and continues to battle cancer.

Bobby Forbes‘ surgery was more extensive than hoped for.  He was in ICU when David talked with Janie the last time.  Pray for both of them as he recovers from surgery and gets ready for test results to become available.

Mr. I.W. Simmons had surgery that went well.  He will get test results next Thursday.  Pray for him and his family as they await the report.

Rev. Jeff Mizell of Line Creek is not doing as well as he hoped for when he had surgery.  Weeks of resting his voice have not given the hoped for results.  Keep praying.

Debbie Wilkinson, wife of Lee, has been receiving treatment at M.D. Anderson.  Her doctor is now moving to Plan C which should be started in September.  Debbie has a very positive outlook and a strong faith.  Pray for her as she goes to the third option, which is experimental.

Mrs. Mildred Birch will need to return to her cardiologist because of “abnormal” results of a recent test.  Pray for her and for her doctor as they determine what needs to be  done now.


John Henry Pritchett, Sr.

April 12, 1930 – August 15, 2017

I was young when he and “Miss” Juanita with their sons, Chester, Rodney, and Little John, move in next door to our house.  Neither my parents nor the Pritchetts ever moved.  I think of them as my neighbors even thought I got married and moved out of my parents’ home fifty years ago.

Olivia Leigh Stevens

August 03, 2017 – August 03, 2017


Mary Estelle Foster Raborn

September 21, 1942 – August 18, 2017

Estelle received faithful care from her family for a long time.  Please pray for them because they will be so lost without her.  She is well today in heaven.


That’s all for tonight.

Anna Lee







 Jesus turned and saw her.

“Take heart, daughter,” he said,

“your faith has healed you.”

And the woman was healed at that moment.



Mr. J.D. Smith continues to improve from shoulder surgery.  Keep him in your prayers.

Baby Lampton Dean Titus, son of Tedd and Kayla, is still in need of our prayers.

Continue to pray for Estelle Raborn, Mr. Bobby, and other family members.

The rehab facility is giving “Miss” Ruby Dillon a good workout each day.  She is working hard so she can get back home.



Read the Bible – Haggai, Psalm 59, and video on Haggai (Http://

Baptist Press



“Did You Think to Pray?”



That’s a good question!  Did you think to pray?  Better, yet, did I think to pray?

Anna Lee






The righteous cry out,

and the Lord hears,

and delivers them from all their troubles.

~Psalm 34:17 HCSB~


Jason Dean is home from the hospital and doing much better.  Let’s thank God for Jason’s improvement.

Mrs. Evelyn Bridges will be moved to another facility soon, but the decision as to where has not been made yet.  Thank God for her improvement since the stroke.

Andy Taylor will be having hand surgery tomorrow in McComb.  Pray for him, his doctor, and the family.

I was going to give you “Miss” Ruby Dillon’s new room number, but I’m not real sure what the first two numbers were.  It may be 1106.  The __06 will get you to her room, which is at the back of the building.  I think our former neighbor in Roseland, Ruby King, is in the same facility, but I didn’t realize that until after we left.


Read the Bible – Daniel 7-9 & Psalm 57


Operation Christmas Child – Bring your highlighters, markers, and crayons to my Sunday School classroom before class this morning.  This next week we will be buying small glue sticks.  I have found the best price at Big Lots in Hammond, but the other stores have good prices when you purchase six or more in a package.  Happy shopping!  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the OCC storage room.  Thanks to David and Miles for helping me organize, sort, and count items twice this week.


It was our pleasure to meet a missionary family in Hammond last night.  They were passing through on their way from Florida to Texas, Oklahoma, and California where they will be leaving children who will all be college freshmen in the fall.  What a joy it was to spend some time with them!  As school begins, please pray for this couple who will be working in another state during this time.  The three young people graduated with our Mallory last month in Europe.  The parents said this step was harder for them than when they were the ones leaving their families to go overseas.
May God lead you to pray for this family, those listed above, and many others I do not know about today.

Anna Lee