“There is no one holy like the LORD;

there is no one besides you;

there is no Rock like our God.


Please continue to pray for Bettye Fussell and Mr. Phillip and “Miss” Annie Bell Harrell.

David and I had a good visit with Debbie R. Miller yesterday.  She was glad to see us, as always.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

It seems we had been to a number of wakes and funerals lately.  That represents a number of friendships.  We never regret the special friendships God has blessed us with.


I have a good report to share.  David’s brother and sister-in-law from Holden finally got a trailer to live in while they continue to repair their home that was damaged in the August floods.  They are enjoying sleeping and eating in their new environment.


Donna M. Brown

September 04, 1965 – February 18, 2017

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Bible Reading  – Numbers 35-36 and Psalm 52
The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,”
“You shall not murder,”
“You shall not steal,”
“You shall not covet,”
and whatever other command there may be,
are summed up in this one command:
“Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Love does no harm to a neighbor.
Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.
~ Romans 13:9-10 (NIV)~
“Blessed Assurance”

I hope you have that assurance.  If not, search for someone today who can guide you to that special, life-changing assurance.

Anna Lee



Jesus replied,

“Very truly I tell you,

everyone who sins is a slave to sin.

~John 8:34~


Continue to keep Mrs. Catherine Yarborough and her family in your prayers.

Harold Newman, David’s brother-in-law, had emergency gall bladder surgery down on the coast.  Please pray for his recovery.

Rev. Rusty Durant’s mother had a stroke.  The family is gathering in Alexandria and praying for a good report.  Bro. Rusty is pastor at Montpelier Baptist Church.


Scripture WritingPsalm 118:5-9

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Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Operation Christmas Child – Livia and a Necklace (Part 2) – https://www.samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child/shoebox-stories-livia-and-a-necklace/

Do you want to create quite a stir and lots of questions?  Purchase items for OCC in big quantities!  You will have the cashier and a number of customers asking questions.  The best part is being able to share what you are doing and why!  You can encourage others to do the same.

The school supplies are marked down in some stores.  It is the perfect time to purchase markers, crayons, glue sticks, pencil sharpeners, highlighters, etc.  Get them while the price is the lowest.  You can stretch your funds a long ways at this time of year,

This week’s opportunities:

  • Sunday School and Worship – Check the church ahead of time; Different churches begin at different times.
  • Sunday Evening Worship Services still exist in a number of churches.  Enjoy the message and the music.
  • Today, meet in my classroom at 3:30 to discuss the next ladies’ night.
  • Monday at 10 A.M. – associational WMU meeting at Spring Creek to learn about the flooding at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church and pastor’s home.  We will also learn about their recovery efforts.
  • Wednesday – Mission organizations for children will meet in the L-wing at 6 P.M.
  • Thursday – Monthly “Third Thursday” gathering at the cabin.
  • Friday – Bible study at 10 A.M. to begin John 8.

This is the Lord’s Day.  Honor Him!

Anna Lee


Blessed are the peacemakers,

    for they will be called children of God.  

~Matthew 5:9~


Let’s pray for America

and police officers today!

Update on David Bryant – David has improved and is now in rehab in Lafayette.  Keep praying!  David worked in law enforcement, but that is not his medical issue.


Operation Christmas Child – Azima and a Handwritten Note –https://www.samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child/shoebox-stories-azima-and-a-handwritten-note/

Scripture Writing I Peter 5:5-8

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Coming Event

  • July 9 – Gospel Opry at McComb
  • July 17 – Planning meeting for next Ladies’ Night
  • July 18 – Associational WMU meets at Spring CreekJuly 21 – Third Thursday at the Cabin
  • July 26 – “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party
  • Wednesdays – Children in Action and Mission Friends
  • Fridays – Bible Study
  • Sundays – Bible Study (Sunday School)


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


If we have Jesus in our hearts, it is our responsibility to show and share His love with others!

Anna Lee


“‘Do not seek revenge

or bear a grudge against anyone among your people,

but love your neighbor as yourself.

I am the LORD.

~ Leviticus 19:18 (NIV)~


Monthly benefit breakfast at Pine Ridge United Methodist Church at 8 A.M. this morning.  Come help with a need in our community.

Gently used children’s books are being accepted in my Sunday School classroom.

Operation Christmas Child items are also being accepted in my classroom.  During July we will collect school supplies.  I think the back-to-school sales are beginning.  Let’s not wait until these things go back to full price to make our purchases.

Tuesday, we will honor some “young” ladies with June birthdays.  We gather at the Cafe at 11:00.

Children’s Missions Programs

  • Planning session tonight in the L-wing at 5:30
  • Classes for preschools and children going into 1st-5th grades Wednesday at 5:00.

Friday morning Bible study begins at John:14 this week.

Ladies’ Night – If you missed the guest soloist Tuesday, I can only say you missed a tremendous blessing!


Scripture Writing Luke 7:44-50

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Waylon Bailey – http://waylonbailey.com/

Thom S. Rainer thomrainer.com


Have a great Lord’s Day!  Don’t try to take it from Him.

Anna Lee


Thursday Addition

As I opened my email this morning, I prayed for the right verse for me to pop up.  It did! Thank you, Lord Jesus!  I needed that reminder.

Have I not commanded you?

Be strong and courageous.

Do not be afraid;

do not be discouraged,

for the LORD your God will be with you

wherever you go.”

~Joshua 1:9~


Pray for Mr. Johnny and Mrs. Juanita Pritchett today and in the coming days.

Members of Justin Lambert‘s family continue to request prayers on his behalf.

Richard Dees of Amite, long time voice of WABL radio station, has been hospitalized for several days and undergoing tests.  Please pray for Richard.

Mrs. Betty Bethel, formerly of Roseland and Kentwood, passed away last night.  Services for her will be Saturday morning.  Burial will be at Arcola with her family members, I  fell confident to tell you.

Tony Arnone

Born: January 29, 1930
Died: June 14, 2016



Scripture WritingJames 5:15-16

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Mission organizations for children will begin next Wednesday night at FBC, Kentwood. There will be a meeting for volunteer workers Sunday evening at 5:30 in the L-wing with classes 6-7 P.M. Wednesday nights.  We will have classes for children from pre-school to fifth grade in the coming school year.  (Grades 6-12 are meeting in the lighthouse for youth activities.)  I’m so excited for this to finally be on the schedule!  If you have any questions, please contact me by phone, Facebook, or email.

Tonight – Patriotic Ladies’ Night at 6:15 in the fellowship hall.  We will be so blessed by someone special who will be there.

Tuesday – “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party at the Cafe at 11:00 A.M.

Mission Project – Operation Christmas Child

  • We will be working on this until the end of October, but need to work steadily to fill many, many boxes for little children.  If we wait too late, some of those boxes will not be filled and children will miss out.
  • As always, if you can not shop for OCC, feel free to ask us to shop for you.
  • I encourage each class and group to work in the collecting and packing process.  You’ll be so blessed.

Friday Morning Bible Study

  • Tomorrow at 10
  • John 7


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


May we continue to serve Him with gladness in our hearts!

Anna Lee









 Be on your guard;

stand firm in the faith;

be courageous;

be strong.

~I Corinthians 16:13~


Pray for Landon and Alisha Estay and their families.  Their unborn son passed away and joined his sister in heaven.

Please continue to pray for Wanda Smith’s dad.  There were complications during and following surgery.  Wanda said the family would appreciate your continued prayers.

Sherman Cutrer had some much needed surgery yesterday that has made a tremendous difference for him.  He is off the vent, talking, and expected to sit up and possibly walk some today.  Please continue to pray.

Chris Primes, the speaker for tomorrow’s Ladies’ Night, regretfully called to report he fell at home and broke some ribs.  He’s in much pain and has been told to expect that for four weeks before he will have relief.  Chris asked to be invited again when he is healthier.

Mrs. Sis Cox of Greensburg had surgery at Ochsner yesterday.  She came through the surgery well.  Pray for her as she recovers from surgery.

Justin Lambert had a problem yesterday that was a big concern.  Hopefully, that situation is cleared up.  Prayers are needed for Justin and for his family.

Mr. John Alan Blackwell continues to undergo tests at North Oaks.  He and his family will be appreciative of your prayers as the medical staff checks him out well.

John E. Binder


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Scripture Writing – Colossians 1:9-14

Scripture, Devotional, and a Song


There will be a waterslide at the church tonight From 5-7  for the children.

Children in Action (Grades 1-5) and Mission Friends (Preschool ages) will begin Wednesday of next week.  They will meet from 6-7 each Wednesday in the L-wing.  Come and be a part of something new!

Ladies’ Night will be Thursday beginning at 6:15.  This is for all ladies and girls.  Bring a friend to share the night with you.

Friday Morning Bible Study – 10 A.M; John 7

“Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party – Tuesday at The Cafe at 11:00

Operation Christmas Child (Shoeboxes) – Be a part of this awesome project!  Help us help 325 boys and girls have a special holiday season and hopefully meet Jesus because of the literature Samaritan’s Purse will add to the items we pack.  Check out the needs listed on on of the Christmas wreaths at the church.


Take time periodically today to pray for these needs and activities.

Anna Lee



“The LORD brings death and makes alive;

he brings down to the grave and raises up.  

The LORD sends poverty and wealth;

he humbles and he exalts.

~1 Samuel 2:6-7~

God gives us  a “buffet” in life.  He does the timing for each choice.

As you continue to pray for Wanda Smith and her shingles, pray for her parents too. Wanda’s dad will have a valve replacement today in a Slidell hospital.

Pray for Kenneth Birch and his continuing back problem.  His doctor is investigating the possibility of a SCS, a stimulator to be put in the back to help with the pain.

Pray for Mrs. Sissy Cox of Greensburg as she has cancer surgery tomorrow at Ochsner in New Orleans.  She is Mrs. Velma Anthony’s sister.

There is good news onJustin Lambert.  He has been moved to an cooler hospital room which seems to have improved his condition.  Thank God for that small step of improvement.  Pray for his family and for the medical staff taking care of him as you pray for Justin.

There’s a number of church/community members who are having health issues/other needs.  Do what you can and what you do best for them.

Scripture WritingMicah 7:18-19

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Devotional, Scripture, and a Song



Kids of Mission will begin at FBC, Kentwood with a waterslide event at the church from 5 – 7 Wednesday.  Please get your children and grandchildren signed up by turning in the form given at VBS and on the bulletin yesterday or by called the church office (229-8111). Thanks!  Volunteer workers can call the office or talk with me.  There will be a meeting in the L-wing Sunday night at 6:00 for those who want to help.  Weekly meetings of Kids on Missions will begin Wednesday, June 29th.

Operation Christmas Child – This is the time to get involved in the collection of items for the shoeboxes.  Get some cards from the wreaths at the church.  After making your purchases, you can leave your bags in my Sunday School classroom.

Ladies’ Night this month will be a patriotic celebration!  I am so thrilled to tell you we will have both a fantastic speaker and a soloist.  This is surely something you will want to be a part of.  It begins at 6:15 Thursday in the fellowship hall.  Feel free to wear your red, white, and blue.  Visitors are welcome to join us.

Friday morning Bible study will focus on John 7 this week.

The monthly “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party will be on Tuesday, June 28th.  Ladies being honored because of June birthdays are Bettye Fussell, Sandra Arnold, Alcyon Hayden, and Barbara Hutchinson.


I know of three churches that will host VBS this week – Greensburg, Montpelier, and Osyka.  I also am aware to two churches taking their youth to camp – New Zion and Spring Creek.  Thank God for those giving of their time to help the children and youth.  Pray a hedge of protection around each one involved in these wonderful events.


Thank God for the rain and the beautiful rainbow many of you witnessed yesterday.

Anna Lee




Then Peter said,

“Silver or gold I do not have,

but what I do have I give you.

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,


~ Acts 3:6 ~


Justin Lambert and his family continue to need our prayers.

Also, please remember Sherman Cutrer and his family.

David had another very eventful day.  We went to see the retina specialist for a post-op visit.  The last surgeries had been on the left eye, but it was the right eye that required the laser surgery.  God led us though the whole process and is guiding us in the medication schedule for each eye.  Keep praying.

Bro. Gary and Marcia Weiborg’s daughter-in-law’s dad got sick on a cruise, was airlifted to land, and passed away during surgery.  Please pray for Tiffany Weiborg and her family in the loss of her dad, Jon Marquette.

Scripture WritingPsalm 86:3-5
Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Please share this invitation to Ladies’ Night.  We will have a very touching and heartwarming  time together Thursday Night at 6:15 at FBC, Kentwood.  We want to share this night with members of our church and others.  Please contact me for more information.

Anna Lee


I will remember the deeds of the LORD;

yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.

~Psalm 77:11(NIV)~


Please continue to pray for David Bryant.  He is about the same as last week.

My David will have the second cataract surgery today.  Pray will be work our better than the first one.

Our Georgia son and grandson are on a two week hiking trip at Philmont,the boy scout camp in New Mexico.  My grandson turns fourteen today.  Pray all the scouts show they have wonderful skills and stay safe.

The fifteen mission volunteers from Montpelier Baptist Church are safely back home.  I’m sure each of them has wonderful experiences with people there they will be telling for a long time.  May the people they worked with be impacted for eternity.


Coming soon:

  • The Operation Christmas Child wreaths still have items that need to be purchased.  Please help on a monthly basis if you can, so we will have enough to fill boxes for many boys and girls in October.
  • Ladies Night will have a patriotic theme this month.  We have fantastic speakers and soloists coming.  Please share the time and date with others: 6:15 on Thursday, June 23rd.
  • The Young Ladies’ Birthday Party will be at 11:00 on Tuesday, June 21st at The Cafe.
  • Friday Morning Bible Study will meet at 10:00 and study John 7.
  • Kids on Mission will be beginning at FBC, K on Wednesday evenings.  I look forward to this opportunity.  If anyone needs more information, please ask me.
  • Friendship Circle Sunday School class has been studying some great lessons from the Old Testament.  Join us at 9:15 to learn more about Samuel, King David, and others.


Scripture Writing2 Corinthians 2: 5-8

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Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

The contact portion of this blog doesn’t seem to work properly.  Please send me a message on facebook, gmail, or contact me by phone or in person.

Anna Lee


Jesus answered,

“I am the way and the truth and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through me.

~John 14:6~

I had a wonderful day working with the children at VBS yesterday!  What a blessing it is to participate!


“Unfinished Business” http://baptistmessage.com/unfinished-business-wife-returns-2-months-after-husbands-heart-attack-to-complete-the-job/

Scripture WritingMatthew 18:21-22

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Devotional, Scriptures, and a Song

Women’s Ministry 

  • Bible study – John 7 – begins June 17
  • “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party – June 28
  • Ladies’ Night – A patriotic program you won’t want to miss – June 23


Some of you may be interested in some quality Southern Gospel Music at the Gospel Opry.  It will be the Saturday on Highway 98 east of McComb, not far past the bus supply lot.  The address is 3062.  You can call 601 – 600 – 6704 for more information or contact Bubba Roberts here in Kentwood.  The house band there is amazing! 

Anna Lee