“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.

Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

If you do this, you will experience God’s peace”

~Philippians 4:6-7 NLT~




Mattie’s Miracles – Great news this morning…no malignant cells found in the lymph node biopsy! God is so very good ALL the time! Thank you to Our faithful prayer warriors. We appreciate you so very much!!




Johathan Serigne‘s family appreciate your prayers Monday night.  They also asked everyone to pray for him at 8:30 last night.  I wasn’t home and didn’t get that request posted in time.  I’ll try to post again when I hear an update.




Today is the day Rev. Franklin Graham as asked people all across our country to pray for President Trump.  No matter your political opinion, praying for our country’s leadership is always appropriated.  Please take time to pray for President Trump and other leaders today.




Tomorrow is Bring Your Bible to School Day.  Please pass the word to students so than can make a decision about doing so tomorrow.  You may want to read the article in the Baptist Message,




We are making progress on painting the shoeboxes.  We will paint tomorrow at 1 P.M.  Join us if you can.  I think by the time we paint tomorrow and Saturday morning we will have enough boxes ready for all the boys and girls we plan to pack a box for at the end of the month.  Packing and shipping the boxes is a great reward as we think about the boys and girls who will receive the boxes in 2020.  We have a few steps between painting and packing that we will be taking care of in the coming weeks.  You can pray for the packing and shipping as well as praying for the recipients.




Two Rivers WMU will be meeting at FBC, Kentwood on October 16th at 10 A.M.  You are invited to attend.




The Two Rivers WMU Lottie Moon Tea will be the second Sunday of December at Spring Creek.  Mark your calendar.




Baptist Press –





Scripture Writing – October 2 – Deuteronomy 7:11-14




Thank-you to the reader of TPL who sent a check for shoebox postage.  I love to meet people over the phone and in person who read this.  You and your prayers are the reason I write this.  You are appreciated.

Anna Lee







Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

~Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV~


The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

~James 5:16b, NKJV~


Maddie’s Miracles – Maddie is the granddaughter of a friend and former classmate.  You can read the posts on Facebook.  She is a beautiful young lady.

Maddie went back for her check up today (Monday). The pneumonia is still there and has moved. The pulmonologist said her lungs sound like a hurricane. She will take ten more days of antibiotics and see if it gets any better. She can’t get back on her kidney meds or get her port fixed until this clears up. Please pray for it to be gone!! She is still very tired and wheezy but no fevers so that’s a blessing. Thanks to all our prayer warriors! God is so very good ALL the time.


Bro. Mike Stafford, pastor of Greenlaw Baptist Church, is in OLOL undergoing some unplanned medical tests.  Please pray for him.

Josiah Huckaby – grandson of Bubba and Linda Huckaby

I can’t believe our little man turned 7 months old yesterday! Seems so crazy that it’s been that long since we started this journey. He is doing good & is off of the invasive ventilator. He is still on the non-invasive ventilator but definitely an improvement from where he was last week. He still hasn’t had his heart cath. They have rescheduled it for tomorrow. This is our 4th time being on the schedule so hopefully he won’t get bumped tomorrow for any emergencies. We are ready to have a clearer picture of what is going on. God is good & He’s got this!

Phillip Strickland‘s testimony was shared by his parents.  They also thanked those who have prayed for Phillip.  I’m passing it on to you.  Phillip is taking another treatment today.

My God is an awesome God!! In December of 2016 I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and was told I had one of the largest tumors these doctors have ever seen. Through prayers and my faith in God, after my rounds of radiation that tumor was completely gone and everyone was amazed at the response to treatment that I had. After my surgery to remove the remaining disease we found out the cancer had spread to my liver which they think it had probably been there all along but didn’t show up in the type scans I initially had. Though this was a set back, I never lost faith because I knew God had my back and I knew I had lots of people praying for me. After my 6th chemo treatment we had another round of scans and as of today I have no active cancer cells in my liver. I still have a long journey ahead of me but I wanted to make this post today as a testament to my faith in God’s healing power and his love. #strongerthancancer



Read the Bible – Acts 11-12 & Psalm 124

Baptist Press


Wednesday Night at 6 P.M. – Children of FBC, Kentwood will have missions and crafts class.


“Holy Bible, Book Divine” – I’ve had the privilege of teaching the children at church Bible Drill classes this summer.  It is amazing what they can learn and remember.  It’s never too early, or too late, to begin teaching children about the Bible.


Operation Christmas Child – Only 25 days until the packing party!  It’s time to begin finalizing that we have what we need for the “shoeboxes”.  David and I are so excited to be a part of this ministry!


Our prayers count!

Anna Lee




“Abraham, when hope was dead within him,

went on hoping in faith . . .

He relied on the word of God.” 

~Romans 4:18 Phillips~


Please continue to pray for Donna Fay Miller as she waits for the 12th when she will have a heart ablation.

Miss Fay Shoemaker was able to be in church last night.  She looked great!  Her good news is that she does not need a pacemaker. Thank God for Miss Fay’s improvement.

Diane Cox was our neighbor east of Arcola about 35 years ago.  Yesterday, her two day old granddaughter, Olivia, passed away.  Please pray for Diane and the young parents, Brandon and Sarah.

Reggie Felker, who grew up in the New Zion area, was killed in a four-car accident in Clinton Saturday.  Please be in prayer for the family.



Many of you have probably heard, but just in case you don’t know.  FBC, Kentwood has vastly improved their website.  I hope you will check it frequently for more information.



Operation Christmas Child “Shoeboxes” – We are working hard to sort and count the items you have been bringing in for the 350 shoeboxes we will pack the first Saturday of November.  I will soon have a list of items we are short of.  October will be a month to focus of filling in some spots.  Thanks so much to all who have contributed in any way.


Georgia Barnett is the name of our special offering for Louisiana missions.  Each church sets their own goal.  Later, the money will be combined with that from the other Louisiana churches.  We can make a big impact by pooling our resources and working together.


Ladies with September birthdays will be honored at The Cafe Tuesday at 11:00.  All ladies are invited to join us for lunch and birthday cake.  The ladies with September birthdays are:

Yvonne Birch

Ann Smith

Laura Joiner

Jan Yarborough

Mary Miller

Glenda Schilling

Betty Simpson


Read the Bible today – Luke 4-5 & Psalm 114

Baptist Press


“Sweet Hour of Prayer” – I remember a time when I was a child and would visit my uncle’s church where he was the music minister.  The youth filled the choir loft every Sunday evening.  As soon as they got into their places, they sang this song.  That memory makes this great hymn even more special to me.


While searching for a “Sweet Hour of Prayer” youtube, I ran across another one I want to share.  It is special to me because I loved it as a child and have taught many children this song.  In fact, last night during Bible Drill class with the children, I called out this Scripture for us to all locate and read together.  After that, we sang the song.  What fun it is!  What a powerful message it conveys.  I always add an extra verse about “Shine all over Kentwood”.  I hope you will take the time to sing this simple little song with such a tremendously large message and challenge for each of us.  Listen first.

Anna Lee






Then Agrippa said to Paul,

“Do you think that in such a short time

you can persuade me to be a Christian?”

Paul replied, “Short time or long—

I pray to God that not only you

but all who are listening to me today

may become what I am,

except for these chains.”

~Acts 26:28-29~

Please continue to pray for little Lampton Titus, child of Tedd and Kayla Titus.

Miss Fay Shoemaker‘s surgery Thursday went well.  Additional tests are being done.


Please pray for the family of Mrs. Esther Watkins who passed away yesterday in Mississippi.  Many of you will know her as Matt Williams’ grandmother.


Pine Ridge United Methodist Church will host their monthly breakfast tomorrow morning at 8:00 A.M.  Donations received will be for the family of Darin Fontz.  Guests are welcome.


The “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party at The Cafe Tuesday will honor the following ladies who have September birthdays:

Yvonne Birch

Ann Smith

Laura Joiner

Jan Yarborough

Mary Miller

Glenda Schilling

Betty Simpson

The Third Thursday Gathering was another wonderful night.  Our guests represented five different churches and were real blessing to our night.  Thanks to all of you who help us in various ways each month.  We certainly appreciate you!


Read the Bible – Luke 1, Psalm 112, and video on Luke (


The Bible Drill Class for children will meet tomorrow at 6 P.M. at FBC, Kentwood.

The Children in Action Class will meet Wednesday night at 6 P.M. at FBC, Kentwood.  Children are reminded and encouraged to wear their green vests.


Operation Christmas Child “Shoeboxes”

  • Tomorrow, we will be collection wash cloths and bars of soap.
  • Next week, we will focus on barrettes and other hair fixings for little girls.
  • Again, I must say thank-you to the many people who have contributed in various ways.  Together, we can make this another very productive year.
  • We are getting to the point when we will put our boxes together the first Saturday of November.  I hope to see many of you at the Packing Party.  I promise you will be blessed when you see the many shoeboxes you have helped to pack.



I want to conclude today with a Facebook post Bro. Danny Smith of Spring Creek Baptist Church shared this morning.  I’m sure it will touch your heart like it did mine.  Before you read it, I want to say how thankful I am for all who have served in Texas, Louisiana, or Florida in the last month.  I know of members from East Fork, New Zion, and Spring Creek who have already worked with Disaster Relief in these areas.  Thank-you to each one and each church represented!

The last three or four days have been a blur and in many ways I have felt a little disconnected not being able to do what I love to do but these last few days in Fort Meyers have really blessed me beyond measure.

First I have met some “volunteers” who work harder and longer than I have ever worked before in my life. If there is a space on my body that is not sore I can’t identify it! But my heart is full!

Second today we had someone from the community who came and volunteered with us they just wanted to give something back. She worked hard right alone with us and then thanked us for coming to help. She said she and her husband will be back tomorrow.

Tonight we all went out to eat-you will probably see the pictures of us eating what you can’t or won’t see and what you don’t know is the kindness we were shown and appreciation we were given.

I could not handle it and teared up more than once. To have these strangers come thank us just for being here, to have people want to take our picture, to have people bring us some candy or just stop by to say thanks and talk for a moment was more than I could take. But after washing my face I was able to just look at the faces of people who saw who we are and where we are from as they simply thanked us. It reminded me why ministries like this are so important.

I hope that there will never be a need for this kind of ministry again but if there is I hope it works out where you can take part in it. Yes it’s work- next time I will try to go with a lazier crew-but it is doing what Jesus talked about when He talked about giving a cup of cold water in His name.

I look forward to being back home but I will always remember these days as God has blessed and meeting these people has touched my life!

I think I will always remember the one guy who look like he wanted to say something but just could not bring himself to do it. He finally looked me straight in the eye made sure I was looking and nodded as if to say thanks but I can’t talk about it but I feel it. I know what he meant! God bless!


May this day bless your life in a special way!  May you be a blessing to some else today!

Anna Lee








You make known to me the path of life;

you will fill me with joy in your presence,

with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

~Psalm 16:11~


Mark your calendar;

  • Happening now – Georgia Barnett Offering for Louisiana missions/ministry
  • Tonight – Last night of revival at FBC, Kentwood.  It begins at 6 P..M.
  • Tomorrow – Third Thursday at the Cabin at 6:30 P.M.
  • Fridays – Bible study class at 10:00 A.M.
  • Sunday (25th) – Operation Christmas Child collecting washcloths and soap
  • Tuesday – “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party at The Cafe at 11 A.M.
  • Sunday (Oct 1st) – Operation Christmas Child – collecting hair bows, ribbons, pony tail holders, barrettes, and other hair ornaments for girls
  • Sunday at 6 P.M. – Bible Drill class
  • Wednesday at 6 P.M. (Next week) – Missions class for children
  • Beginning Oct. 1st on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6 P.M.- New program for children up through 5th grade
  • Coming soon – Trunk or Treat at FBC


Read the Bible – John 13-15, Psalm 109, and video on John 13-21 found at


Hymn of the Day – “Higher Ground”


Baptist Press



Thanks for continuing to check in even when the internet service is down.  I hope the new location of the satellite will help for a long time.

Anna Lee






For the wages of sin is death,

but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

~Romans 6:23~


Mr. Charles Miller, Bro. Darry’s dad, had some complications yesterday and was still in ICU.  Please continue to pray for Mr. Charles, his family, and the medical staff.

Last night at 9:30, Bobbie Magee called to say her sister, Mrs. Theople Hurst, was at Hood Memorial where it was determined she needed gall bladder surgery.  There was a question about where she was going for the surgery.  I’ll post later with that information.

Please continue to pray for and support the hurricane victims and those who are working to help them.



Don’t forget to bring your food and cleaning supplies in for the LA Baptist Children’s Home to church today.  They will be picked up early in the morning.  Tonight, will not be too late.

Revival begins this morning at FBC, Kentwood.  Worship service is at 10:30 this morning.  A nursery will be provided for all services.  There will be no classes for children tonight or Wednesday night so that the children can participate in revival services.

The Georgia Barnett Offering for Louisiana missions is being collected in all area churches.  Please support this offering.  Disaster Relief is one of the benefactors of the gifts we give through Georgia Barnett.

Operation Christmas Child –  Today, we are collecting small toy trucks, cars, tractors, and planes.  Next week, we will be collecting wash cloths and soap.

This week is Third Thursday at the Cabin.  We are looking forward to seeing you at the cabin Thursday.  If you have been considering us, come on.  We begin at 6:30.


Read the Bible – Mark 7-8 & Psalm 106

Today is the Lord’s Day!

Anna Lee

Friday – Posting Early

Keep yourselves in God’s love

as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ

to bring you to eternal life.

Jude 1:21


Donna Fay Miller made another trip to see her doctor and is scheduled to go back Tuesday.  She seems to be facing a heart procedure, an ablation, soon.  Keep her in your prayers, please.

Mrs. Ruby Dillon has had a number of good days, but today was not one of them.  Please pray tomorrow is a good day.

Betty Simpson‘s tests today worked out well.  She has one more test to get results from.  Betty thanks you for praying.




  1. There will be NO Bible study today.
  2. The truck from the LA Baptist Children’s Home will be here early Monday morning to pick up our donations.  If you have something to send, please be sure to get it to the church Sunday.
  3. The Two Rivers Baptist Association has disaster relief teams volunteering to help with the recent hurricanes.  If you would like help, please send bleach, hammers, square shovels, work gloves, etc.  Thanks-you!
  4. Next week, David and I will host the monthly Third Thursday gathering at the cabin at 6:30.  We look forward to seeing many of you there.
  5. Sunday, the children will have Bible drill class at 6:30.  The children are learning so much that will be valuable for the remainder of their lives.
  6. Wednesday, when we have missions class, please remind you children and grandchildren to wear their new vests.
  7. OCC items we are collecting this week – miniature cars, trucks, and tractors.
  8. OCC items we will be collecting the following week – washcloths and soap.
  9. “Young” ladies’ birthday party will meet at The Cafe on Tuesday, September 26th at 11 A.M.
  10. Association revival at Hillsdale Baptist Church Saturday at 6:30 P.M.
  11. Revival at FBC, Kentwood – Sunday – Wednesday.


Bible Reading Plan – Mark 3-4, Psalm 104, and video “Heaven and Earth” on

Baptist Press


As we pray today, let’s remember all those whose lives have been forever changed due to the hurricanes.  We all know the recovery process will continue for years.  Pray for the people to “stay the course” with God’s love felt in the difficult days ahead,

Anna Lee