Friday – Posting Early

Keep yourselves in God’s love

as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ

to bring you to eternal life.

Jude 1:21


Donna Fay Miller made another trip to see her doctor and is scheduled to go back Tuesday.  She seems to be facing a heart procedure, an ablation, soon.  Keep her in your prayers, please.

Mrs. Ruby Dillon has had a number of good days, but today was not one of them.  Please pray tomorrow is a good day.

Betty Simpson‘s tests today worked out well.  She has one more test to get results from.  Betty thanks you for praying.




  1. There will be NO Bible study today.
  2. The truck from the LA Baptist Children’s Home will be here early Monday morning to pick up our donations.  If you have something to send, please be sure to get it to the church Sunday.
  3. The Two Rivers Baptist Association has disaster relief teams volunteering to help with the recent hurricanes.  If you would like help, please send bleach, hammers, square shovels, work gloves, etc.  Thanks-you!
  4. Next week, David and I will host the monthly Third Thursday gathering at the cabin at 6:30.  We look forward to seeing many of you there.
  5. Sunday, the children will have Bible drill class at 6:30.  The children are learning so much that will be valuable for the remainder of their lives.
  6. Wednesday, when we have missions class, please remind you children and grandchildren to wear their new vests.
  7. OCC items we are collecting this week – miniature cars, trucks, and tractors.
  8. OCC items we will be collecting the following week – washcloths and soap.
  9. “Young” ladies’ birthday party will meet at The Cafe on Tuesday, September 26th at 11 A.M.
  10. Association revival at Hillsdale Baptist Church Saturday at 6:30 P.M.
  11. Revival at FBC, Kentwood – Sunday – Wednesday.


Bible Reading Plan – Mark 3-4, Psalm 104, and video “Heaven and Earth” on

Baptist Press


As we pray today, let’s remember all those whose lives have been forever changed due to the hurricanes.  We all know the recovery process will continue for years.  Pray for the people to “stay the course” with God’s love felt in the difficult days ahead,

Anna Lee