“Abraham, when hope was dead within him,

went on hoping in faith . . .

He relied on the word of God.” 

~Romans 4:18 Phillips~


Please continue to pray for Donna Fay Miller as she waits for the 12th when she will have a heart ablation.

Miss Fay Shoemaker was able to be in church last night.  She looked great!  Her good news is that she does not need a pacemaker. Thank God for Miss Fay’s improvement.

Diane Cox was our neighbor east of Arcola about 35 years ago.  Yesterday, her two day old granddaughter, Olivia, passed away.  Please pray for Diane and the young parents, Brandon and Sarah.

Reggie Felker, who grew up in the New Zion area, was killed in a four-car accident in Clinton Saturday.  Please be in prayer for the family.



Many of you have probably heard, but just in case you don’t know.  FBC, Kentwood has vastly improved their website.  I hope you will check it frequently for more information.



Operation Christmas Child “Shoeboxes” – We are working hard to sort and count the items you have been bringing in for the 350 shoeboxes we will pack the first Saturday of November.  I will soon have a list of items we are short of.  October will be a month to focus of filling in some spots.  Thanks so much to all who have contributed in any way.


Georgia Barnett is the name of our special offering for Louisiana missions.  Each church sets their own goal.  Later, the money will be combined with that from the other Louisiana churches.  We can make a big impact by pooling our resources and working together.


Ladies with September birthdays will be honored at The Cafe Tuesday at 11:00.  All ladies are invited to join us for lunch and birthday cake.  The ladies with September birthdays are:

Yvonne Birch

Ann Smith

Laura Joiner

Jan Yarborough

Mary Miller

Glenda Schilling

Betty Simpson


Read the Bible today – Luke 4-5 & Psalm 114

Baptist Press


“Sweet Hour of Prayer” – I remember a time when I was a child and would visit my uncle’s church where he was the music minister.  The youth filled the choir loft every Sunday evening.  As soon as they got into their places, they sang this song.  That memory makes this great hymn even more special to me.


While searching for a “Sweet Hour of Prayer” youtube, I ran across another one I want to share.  It is special to me because I loved it as a child and have taught many children this song.  In fact, last night during Bible Drill class with the children, I called out this Scripture for us to all locate and read together.  After that, we sang the song.  What fun it is!  What a powerful message it conveys.  I always add an extra verse about “Shine all over Kentwood”.  I hope you will take the time to sing this simple little song with such a tremendously large message and challenge for each of us.  Listen first.

Anna Lee