Today is departure day number two. The last four family members, and David, are headed to the airport. When David gets home, there will be just the two of us again. It has been good to have all the company and get to “catch up” on all their lives and to give real hugs. Pray for the last four as they travel today.

Today, I want to share the good news the Rev. Joe Dunn, interim pastor of First Baptist Church, Amite, is now at his heavenly home and no longer suffering with cancer. Pray for his family and church family as they will miss him so much in the coming days.

Also, please continue to pray for Gary Hendry and Linda, who is having a time of difficulty with her back. Thank God for church friends who can help them out during this time.


October 24 – Psalm 119: 10-16


Today, let’s focus on the many church staff people in all our area churches. You probably know a few staff member of churches other than the ones at your own church. Pray for then as many have a job that puts them “on duty” 24 / 7. They all love God and their church members and gladly meet our needs in many ways. May God continue to bless them. May we recognize their many ways of serving and loving our communities. May God richly bless each one as we honor their service this month.

Anna Lee