This morning, you are requested to pray for Mrs. Ruby Dillon who will be having surgery this morning in Hammond that involves anesthesia. I’ll post an update when one is available. Pray for Mr. Cete and other family members too.

This scripture seems appropriate for the family this morning and to all of us many days of our lives.


October 25 – Psalm 118: 24-29 NIV

24 This is the day that the Lord has done a great thing.

We will be very happy today!

25 Lord, please save us now!

Lord, please help us to do well!

26 May the Lord bless the man who comes with his authority!

We praise you from here,

in the house of the Lord.

27 The Lord is our God.

He has caused his light to shine on us.

Make a happy festival!

Take branches in your hands,

and go to offer a sacrifice on the altar.

28 You are my God,

and I will thank you.

You are my God,

and I will say how great you are.

29 Thank the Lord, because he is good.

His faithful love will always be with us.

The Fall Festival was great. Thanks to ALL who were involved. It certainly took many people to plan, set up, work, and clean up all the different activities involved. Thank-you for giving of yourself to provide for our children, others from our church family, and many friends. What a fantastic opportunity for the children!

The Community Mission Team from FBC, Kentwood is providing an opportunity to pack a Christmas bag for children of our community. You can check the church office for a bag during the week or check with Alice Mary Honeycutt on Sunday mornings.

Operation Christmas Child: Two of our men, James and Luther, picked up the cartons the shoeboxes will be packed into. Pray for those who will be working to do that now and during collection week in November.

Prayer Focus for Today: Today, let’s pray for those who be making purchases for the bags for community children. What a blessing they are to this ministry.

Anna Lee