Wednesday Addition

Current Mission Projects at FBC, Kentwood

*Fall Food Roundup for Children of the LA Baptist Children’s Home

Much needed items – aluminum foil, gravy mixes, ketchup, mayonnaise, Pam cooking spray, and salad dressings (Ranch, Italian, & 1,000 Islands)

Place items in tote in entrance to Fellowship Hall.

*Georgia Barnette Offering for LA

2021 Theme: NEARBY – The Needs Next Door

Place gifts in envolopes and label “Georgia Barnette”

*OCC – Time to begin collecting postage

$9.00 per shoebox

Label check or envelope “OCC Postage”

Turn in items for “shoeboxes” in the green tote at entrance to Fellowship Hall.

*Backpack Ministry for local schools

Contact the church office for current needs. 229-8111

*Brown Bag Ministry – Volunteer to help pack the brown bags when one of the other volunteers is not available . 229-811