“For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.”

~Matthew 6:13 (AMP)~

Please pray for our county and our world. May God continue to watch over us, even as we seem to have taken our eyes off Him.

Older people seems to be having falls and light cases of Covid. Please pray for them as they face these problems.

Many younger people are having serious cases of covid. Please pray for them.

Pray for people as they face the stresses of life. Lots of little issues can add up to more than a single large issue. May we approach the. stresses with the proper information, the proper plan, and the proper guidance. Let’s give God both the large and the small issues of the day.

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EZEKIEL 10:1-13:23

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Prayer Meeting is tonight. Do yourself a favor and attend in person or online.

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