JESUS LOVES US EVEN ON OUR MOST DIFFICULT DAYS. We all have these days. God loves us even when we have those days.

Issac Saltz is a former student. He recently spent several days in the hospital. He thought he had a heart attack, but was thrilled to learn it was a stroke. Pray for those you know who have through difficult medical situations.

Today, David lost his phone. After cleaning out a public garbage can, where he had just placed discarded fast food paper wrappers, and other first thought steps, we realized we should have called our son who lives in another state. Within a short period of time, the phone was located in the car by using technology we did not know existed.

Today, Ruby Travis fell and broke both bones in her arm. Thankfully, she was able to have surgery, the same day. Notice, the bones were broken, but Ruby didn’t have to wait long for the surgery.

God loves to take good care of us. I am so thankful. I’m sure He probably shakes his head at some things we do. I’m thankful He forgives us many times, and thankful we learn from our mistakes. I’m thankful for medical knowledge that some people possess to help us in times of medical need.

God appreciates when we call upon Him. We are smart and blessed when we do so. I hope I can learn to do so more often.

Many college students are finishing classes and beginning their summer jobs. Please say special prayers for them. We have two grandchildren in those situations. Many of you also do.

June will soon be here. There are many June brides, not in our family, but maybe in some of your families. Let’s pray for all of the June brides and grooms.


I hope you are forming a good habit/routine of not only reading, but also of researching in your Bible.

I’ve been continuing my work on a different device. I certainly am not as comfortable as I am on the computer, but I’m still progressing.

Anna Lee