Goof morning. I hope you have something a little special todo todAy. If not, it’s not too late to make some plans.

Did you follow my suggestion yesterday and do a little research on your own? Hopefully, you enjoyed that. Today, I. Hope you will do more of the same, but I will offer three suggestions, You can continue with the same topic, start a new topic, or dig deeper into yourSunday School lesson. Make your choice and get started this morning. Happy research!

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of the fall that broke both of my feet, I’ve learned a lot about being more careful, holding on to someone or something, slowing down, etc. I certainly appreciate all those who have helped me because sometimes I have been overly confident. When I go shopping or looking around, I have learned my best friend is a shopping cart. I also learned to slow down a little more and even to ask for or wait for help periodically. Knowing and trusting God has been a big encouragement. David has taken good care of me this year, saying i5 was payback for me taking care of him when he needed help.

Today,s prayer focus is on others and ourselves. Ask God to open our eyes to needs around us and give us a desire to help someone/others.