Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

~Psalm 143:10~


Gail Brister fell and broke a hip about ten days ago. Since then, she has moved from the hospital to rehab and now home in Kentwood. Thank God for the progress she has made. Please continue to pray for her as her recovery process continues. Pray for Tom and their children as they help her make more progress.


Mr. George Eddie Lee passed away midday yesterday. There are no published arrangements yet. I’ll post them when they become available.


  • May 13
  • I Corinthians 10: 22-33
  • Romans 14: 19-23
  • “On the controversial issues of life, I am . . . .”


Today, let’s pray for children as schools will be closed for the summer.. I know I was so blessed to have had a mother who was at home every day as I grew up. When my children were preschool age, they were with a special lady. “Dees” who came to our home to care for them or with one of their two grandmothers who were just a few miles away.

Some children will be at home with their mother or another family member, in the home of someone who is a friend, in day-care, etc.I was also blessed by being a teacher and having the same holidays as my children. They even rode to school with me and back home with me every day.

Even though family situations are different, children are well cared for there and have many opportunities to learn, interact with other children, travel, etc. during their summer vacations.

Pray for each child as they move into their summer schedule. Pray for those who will be caring for the children. Be sure to add them to you prayer list so you can pray for them all summer.

Anna Lee