Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,

~Philippians 2:3~


  • March 2, 2023
  • Jeremiah 31: 1-9
  • Psalm 31: 7-16
  • “Because of God’s love, I can rebuild . . . . “


Today, let’s pray for the men and women of our military. They are there to protect our country and each of us. Thank God for those who have served and those whoo are currently serving. Thanking them personally is a great expression of our appreciation.


We have many people who need encouragement. I’ll name a few you may not have thought to pray for. You can use them as examples of some people you can share some encouraging words with this week.

  • Young parents who arrive at church on time each week.
  • Those who teach Sunday School classes.
  • Those who stand at the front door to assist and greet people.
  • Coffee drinkers can show appreciation to those who have waashed the coffee pot since it was last used and those who prepared fresh coffee.
  • The person who cut the grass or watered the flower beds.
  • The person who cleaned emptied the trash and cleaned the bathrooms.
  • The person who set/checked the thermostats so the buildings would all be comfortable.
  • The person who parked their vehicle farther away from the church doors so others coule be closer.
  • The person who unlocked the doors and turned on lights making sure everything looked okay.
  • The musicians who practiced so they could lead the congregation.
  • The pastor who prepared a message to present.
  • Older folks who don’t feel well, can’t walk as fast, need assistance getting about, but who are faithfully in attendance.
  • Those who worked a night shift, but delayed resting to get ready and attend church.
  • Someone who has been unable to attend for a while due to a job or illness, but who made special effort to be in church today.

Have a wonderful Thursday. Focus on other people, not yourself today. Express appreciation to others. Use the texting feature of your phone to express your appreciation leaving a message that can be read more than once.

Anna Lee