For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.

~Titus 2:11~


  • March 1
  • Psalm 89: 1-14
  • “Because of God’s amazing loyalty, I can . . . . “


Ukrainians, Plan for Evangelism & Ohio Disaster Relief Begins Cleanup


Please continue to pray for Gerald Hyde. Please add his name to your own prayer list so you can remember to pray for him regularly.

Andy Taylor is doing better. Thank God for that good report.`

Robert Ricks of Russelltown (east of Arcola) has a recurrence of cancer and a positive attitude to go with that news. Robert was at M. D. Anderson about a week ago, but is home now.


David and I spent must of yesterday shopping for OCC. We are thankful we were able to locate some items we were lacking and some wonderful red and white striped pajamas for many of the children. All those items are at the church and ready for attention this morning. I’m thankful Jackie has volunteered to help me today. We will be able to accomplish some tasks that were on my shopping and preparation lists for the workday for this Saturday. I’m so thankful for those of you who have made plans to participate Saturday.


My prayers this morning focus on OCC. Would you also pray for the many people who are part of the process of getting “Shoeboxes” into the hand of children worldwide. Also, pray for the children and their families. May they recognize Jesus as the main objective of the whole process and take Him into their hearts and choose to live for him daily for the rest of their lives.


I appreciate those of you who read and pray daily. I don’t know many of you, so to all you wonderful people, I thank you for becoming a part of The Prayer Link family. Please continue to introduce yourself to David and me when our paths cross. Also, feel free to contact me and request a name(s) be added here. We like to share requests and times of thankfulness.

Anna Lee