Nov. 26 -Psalm 100: 1-3


Today, I am thankful for friends – church friends, school friends, work friends, young friends, older friends, my friends, David’s friends, long-time friends, new friends, and friends yet to come into my life. Friends add so much to our lives. We have short visits in stores, by phone visits, in restaurant visits, at church visits, and even during funeral home visits. Each visit is a chance to reconnect and to update relationships.

Today, I pray for all my friends. You add so much to my life.

PRAYER FOCUS – Pray for you list of friends. Pray for their families, their jobs, their responsibilities, their doctors, their salvation, their church, etc. Cover your friends in prayer today. This may be the day your prayers make a big difference in their lives.

Today, let’s also pray for people who have been in the hospital for long term confinements this year such as George Eddie Lee, Robbie Lynn, and Jane Whickham, people who have been homebound for a long time such as Mickie Cade and Andy and Betty Taylor. Pray for family members who have lost a loved one and who are having a difficult time celebrating holidays without that loved one. You can add the names that are special to you and then, pray.

Say special prayers for people who have been away from home for a while and who are traveling today to be home for church tomorrow.


Anna Lee