Friday Night

David and I took a little trip for a few days. We apologize to those of you who checked TPL daily, but couldn’t find any new posts. Special thanks to those of you who called, sent messages, etc. to make sure we were okay.

I had big plans to prevent this from being a problem. I bought a “notebook” and was instructed by Jason on how to use it, BUT even though I posted a few times early in the week, I was unsuccessful in getting them published for you to read. So…I will get some more lessons and hopefully do better next time.

We did have a great trip and managed to come home without any new broken bones or dents on the car. We traveled through five states today and do not plan to travel as far as Mississippi tomorrow.

We are always thankful for trips, but especially after all the health issues of the last few years. God has been abundantly good to us! We have counted our blessing over an over this week.

“See” you in the morning.

Anna Lee