• I, even I, am he who comforts you.
    Who are you that you fear mere mortals,
    human beings who are but grass.
  • Isaiah 51:12

Yesterday, I saw the orthopedist. He confirmed that I broke my left foot again. It happened early Saturday. I will be delayed in my healing and therapy, but I have big plans to finish this OCC season and 2022 year strong. It’s back to wearing a big black book for me, but it is only one boot this time!

The associational WMU will be meeting Saturday at East Fork Baptist Church at 10:00. You are invited to attend and learn more about missions. Bring a side dish and join in on lunch the other ladies.


September 7 – Psalm 93: 1-5


Here’s two articles about Baptist Disaster Relief in action.

Recovery efforts underway in flood-stricken areas of Georgia, Mississippi

Send Relief responds to flooding in Pakistan

Today’s Prayer Focus – Victims of crime, disasters, accidents, etc.

What can you do to help a victim of of weather disaster, a crime, an illness, etc. You’ll be blessed for your actions.

Anna Lee