“Anyone who intends to come with me has to let me lead.

You’re not in the driver’s seat; I am.”

~Matthew 16:24 (The Message)~

Donna Bennett continues to fight her battle. Please continue to pray as she fights the battle on different levels.

Sharon Slaven has battles to fight to recover from her recent issues. Her signs of improvement are being celebrated by the family.

Valerie McCoy Young of Greensburg has learned she has had a heart attack. She is hospitalized and undergoing testing. Please pray for her and for her family.

Pray for Gary and Tori Havlin as she is hospitalized and awaiting the birth of their second child.

Please continue to pray for for the unnamed person who has asked for your prayers. God already knows his name and his needs.

Pray for the Huckabee family of Amite in the loss of their baby, Abigail.

Read the Bible Chronologically in 2021 – July 7


Baptist Press

The next OCC workshop is July 24th. Plan to attend so you will feel like a part of the shoeboxes we will pack later. Come. We’ll have something you can do.

It has already been a good week for OCC collections.

  • Bead dolls were made by a family. They were added to those already made.
  • Purses, stuffed with happies, were turned in to complete the 100 we needed.
  • Paper and notebooks were added to our collection.
  • One class turned in washcloths to go with soap that was already turned in.
  • It is a blessing to me to see others join in to help get ready for packing of shoeboxes in a few months.
  • Please pray for each child who will receive a shoebox and the opportunity to meet and love Jesus.

Prayer Focus for Today

Today, let’s continue to pray for VBS in the Kentwood community.

Many people read and pray each day. Thank-you to all of you! Please continue to pray.

Anna Lee