Tuesday Update

In January, 2019, David’s doctors gave him six weeks to live. David was very ill at that time. When he got a little better, he asked for a party so he could visit with lots of his friends and family members. Our children agreed and set the date, July 6th. There were many days when I did not think he would live to see July 6th.

God provided the days! God provided July 6th! God provided a host of friends and family members! We were so thankful to have those days and never imagined God had more days than we expected or hoped for at that point.

Today is the second July 6th since that date. God had more plans for David and his life. At this moment David is sitting on the porch talking with a young man from Georgia. Our Georgia grandson and five of he friends are here. We are hosting them for the week. They have big plans for a busy week. Thankfully, David is here to be a part of their memory forever.

I wear a black bracelet that was given to David several years ago by the lady who drew his blood in Baton Rouge each week. The lettering wore off a long time ago. It said. “Never Give Up!” I like to imagine that it now says, “God Still has Plans for You!”

We don’t know God’s plans or timeline. The health issues are still with David, but God is too. I’m enjoying the opportunity to witness God using David to touch and influence many lives during his “extra years”, one day at a time.