“Do you remember how the Lord led you through the wilderness for all those forty years,

humbling you and testing you to find out how you would respond,

and whether or not you would really obey him?”

~Deuteronomy 8:2 TLB~



Please pray for Darryl Ray Carruth of Greensburg who is having an eye transplant Wednesday..

Please pray for Mr. Charles Miller, father of Bro. Darryl, who had three stents placed in his heart at Covington yesterday.

David had carpal tunnel surgery yesterday at Ochsner in Kenner.



The Two Rivers Associational Harvest Revival will be tonight at Hillsdale Baptist Church at 6:30.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.



The revival at Kentwood will begin in the morning.  You are also invited to attend the services of the revival which will extend through Wednesday.



Bible reading plan – John 5-6 & Psalm 105



Thank you for praying for these and other people who have been listed recently and for the revival services at Hillsdale and Kentwood.

Anna Lee