Friday Evening

I have so much to share this afternoon, so I will jump right in.

Mrs. Ruby Dillon had a good day today.  I’m thankful for that!

Darin Fontz was recently honored as an exceptional coach.  He is not able to coach this year because of his health.  We all know football coaches love this time of year.  Pray for Darin as he misses this football season and continues to battle cancer.

Bobby Forbes‘ surgery was more extensive than hoped for.  He was in ICU when David talked with Janie the last time.  Pray for both of them as he recovers from surgery and gets ready for test results to become available.

Mr. I.W. Simmons had surgery that went well.  He will get test results next Thursday.  Pray for him and his family as they await the report.

Rev. Jeff Mizell of Line Creek is not doing as well as he hoped for when he had surgery.  Weeks of resting his voice have not given the hoped for results.  Keep praying.

Debbie Wilkinson, wife of Lee, has been receiving treatment at M.D. Anderson.  Her doctor is now moving to Plan C which should be started in September.  Debbie has a very positive outlook and a strong faith.  Pray for her as she goes to the third option, which is experimental.

Mrs. Mildred Birch will need to return to her cardiologist because of “abnormal” results of a recent test.  Pray for her and for her doctor as they determine what needs to be  done now.


John Henry Pritchett, Sr.

April 12, 1930 – August 15, 2017

I was young when he and “Miss” Juanita with their sons, Chester, Rodney, and Little John, move in next door to our house.  Neither my parents nor the Pritchetts ever moved.  I think of them as my neighbors even thought I got married and moved out of my parents’ home fifty years ago.

Olivia Leigh Stevens

August 03, 2017 – August 03, 2017


Mary Estelle Foster Raborn

September 21, 1942 – August 18, 2017

Estelle received faithful care from her family for a long time.  Please pray for them because they will be so lost without her.  She is well today in heaven.


That’s all for tonight.

Anna Lee