And when you stand praying,

if you hold anything against anyone,

forgive them,

so that your Father in heaven

may forgive you your sins.”

~Mark 11:25~


Mrs. Ruth Cutrer asked us to pray for Rev. Toby Miller, who formerly led the music program at Spring Creek Baptist Church.  Bro. Toby is in St. Tammany Hospital recovering from surgery.

Mr. J.D. Smith was able to return home yesterday because his shoulder has healed sufficiently for him to be “on his own” again.  Let’s pray for him and for Donna’s family as they adjust to the change.

Mr. Don Clemons will be having surgery at St. Tammany Hospital this morning.  I know the Clemons family believes in the power of prayer.  Let’s pray as God leads the doctors this morning in the surgery.

Mrs. Evelyn Bridges has been moved to St. Helena Nursing Home.  I pray she and her faithful family make a good adjustment to her move.

Daron Fontz, Jill Brister’s brother, continues to need our prayers as he fights cancer.  As you pray for peace and comfort for him, pray for the family to have peace and assurance too.

Please pray for my sister, Julie, as she flies to Atlanta where she will meet up with family there and then drive with Mallory to Kentwood tomorrow.



Read the Bible – I Chronicles 1-10 (skim), Psalm 65, & video on I Chronicles

Baptist Press


Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is progressing nicely at FBC, Kentwood.  Many of you bring in items yesterday.  You can leave your items in my classroom or in the tote under the stairwell to the balcony.  Thank you for your help.  Packing the shoeboxes for all the children would not be possible without you.  Please shop for pencils and pens this week.  The following week we will be purchasing $1.00 calculators which can be found at Walmart and the dollar stores.  You are making a difference!!!



“Into My Heart” – I’ll leave you with this song, which is a prayer for each of you who have not already allowed Jesus you reside in your heart.