Anxiety weighs down the heart,

but a kind word cheers it up.

~Proverbs 12:25~


Kaye Roberts asks for prayers for Joe and Susanne Crow.  Joe has been diagnosed with lung cancer and will soon begin radiation.  Your prayers will be appreciated.

Jeana Lee-Newton is back at home in Chesbrough following some extensive surgery at Ochsner.  She is still in some pain, but able to get around.  Thank you for praying for her.  Please continue to do so.

We prayed for young Macy Gueldner and her family as she battled cancer.  She had a check-up which showed her to still be clear of cancer.  Please continue to pray for Macy and her family.  Macy is enjoying school this year.


Scripture Writing – Choose your own verses.




Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


May God bless you today!

Anna Lee