“This is what the LORD Almighty says:

‘In a little while I will once more

shake the heavens and the earth,

the sea and the dry land.  

I will shake all nations,

and the desired of all nations will come,

and I will fill this house with glory,’

says the LORD Almighty.

Haggai 2:6-7

My Prayer Journal

  • Sunday – Churches, church leadership, and missionaries
  • Monday – Family, friends, and neighbors
  • Tuesday – Sick, bereaved, hospital staff, and nursing home patients and staff
  • Wednesday – Political authorities (world, national, state, parish, and local)
  • Thursday – Military, law enforcement, fire fighters, and medical workers
  • Friday – Schools, teachers, students
  • Saturday – Unspoken requests and unsaved people


Dr. Stan Statham asked that we pray for the family of Rev. Troy Bankston, a former pastor of Mr. Nebo Baptist Church, at the time of his death.

Connor Corkern was found to have pneumonia.  The family is very thankful for the quick response of medical staff who assessed Connor’s situation and got him to Children’s Hospital so quickly and for those who immediately began to pray and sent out the need on their prayer chains.

Mrs. Flo Hatcher seems to be having a little relief from some of the problems she has experienced this week.  Pray for a good day today.

Clark Wilson is a son-in-law of John and Inez Bond of the Terry’s Creek community.  Clark has been very ill.  The family including nine children, who dedicate themselves to singing and serving God, will host a gospel singing Saturday at Terry’s Creek Baptist Church at 7 P.M. to help defray some of the medical expenses that have accumulated.  You are invited to join them in worship Saturday.

Please continue to pray for Kerry Blades and Casey Blades and their families.


Tour Billy Graham’s Childhood Home (and Library)

Read the Bible in 2015Nahum


Bible Study this morning“The Woman Who Lived a Sinful Life”Luke 7:36-50

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Thank to our friends who helped create another wonderful night of Christian love and fellowship at the cabin.  There were two people there for the first time and people from a number of Kentwood area churches.  We were/are so blessed!

Anna Lee