“. . . the gospel is God’s power for salvation

to everyone who believes . . .”

~Romans 1:16, NKJV~


Jane Wickham was admitted to the hospital in Baton Rouge suddenly yesterday and required knee surgery for an infection.  She should be there through the rest of the week. Pray for Jane and her family with two siblings hospitalized.

Connor Corkern started having respiratory problems the were not corrected with oxygen. He was airlifted to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Mrs. Catherine Yarborough is  still in Greensburg working to get a little stronger.  She surely would appreciate your prayers.

Officer Eddie Murphy who worked at KHS when I first taught there has a brain tumor. Prayers are needed.

Chinero Fowler’s dad, Buddy Harrison, had a successful surgery, but had problems with anesthesia for a couple days.  He should be hospitalized for the remainder for the  week.

Mrs. Gloria Boone has been ill.  Your prayers will be appreciated.

Mansell Stinson is hospitalized with a blood flow issue.  Surgery is planned for today.

Mrs. Barbara Hutchinson’s back surgery went well yesterday.  She should be home in a few days.  Keep praying all goes well.


My Prayer Journal

  • Sunday – Churches, church leadership, and missionaries
  • Monday – Family, friends, and neighbors
  • Tuesday – Sick, bereaved, hospital staff, and nursing home patients and staff
  • Wednesday – Political authorities (world, national, state, parish, and local)
  • Thursday – Military, law enforcement, fire fighters, and EMT
  • Friday – Schools, teachers, students
  • Saturday – Unspoken requests and unsaved people


Read the Bible in 2015 Proverbs 31


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

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Anna Lee