“Trust in him at all times, you people;

pour out your hearts before Him.

God is our refuge.”

~Psalm 62:8, HCSB~


Frieda Jones will have her surgery in about a month.  Heart problems complicate the cancer treatment.  Please say special prayers for her.

Kolytn Gafford (written by his mother)

So today was our first time to see Koltyn’s Neuro Opthomologist, something I’ve been eagerly awaiting for quite sometime now. She confirmed that Koltyn’s vision is very very weak, probably a 20/800 in his left eye which means he can only see just large objects or fingers directly in front of his face. The right eye is much weaker than that and probably only seeing black & white just like a new born baby. She is sending us to have a VEP (Visual Evoke Potential) test done at Children’s which will involve him being sedated. A VEP measures the electrical activity in the vision system. When light from an image enters your eye, it is converted into electrical energy at the retina and travels through the optic nerve to the visual cortex of the brain which processes vision. This can give us clues about the working of the visual pathway from the eye along the optic nerve to the brain.
He will be near sighted and will eventually have to wear glasses but, in the meantime we have to help him stimulate the optic nerve by shining a bright flashlight around the right eye everyday.
All this time we all thought he could see fairly well because he loves to watch tv and Paw Patrol on his iPad and always watches the DVD player while in the car. Once the volume was turned down the outcome changed completely. No eye movement.😢 Just another slight set back we weren’t as prepared as we thought we were to hear. His Doctor seems very optimistic that he will regain better eye sight with the right therapy and stimulation. It is just very heartbreaking to hear this news today but, once again with God on our side and the amazing support team we have we will overcome this bump in the road.


Read the Bible in 2015Psalm 119


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “All Safe!  All Well!”
  • Now faith is confidence in what we hope for                                                                                     and assurance about what we do not see.                                                                                                                                             ~ Hebrews 11:1~
  • “Great is Thy Faithfulness” – For the second day in a row, I know.  God has spoken again.  I needed the second day to get the message.


Changes happen, but God never changes!

Anna Lee