“God reigns over the nations;

God is seated on his holy throne.”

~Psalm 47:8~


Marty Simpson

Pray for Marty Simpson as he has heart tests done tomorrow 6-5-13.

Marty & Gretchen, Micah & Sarabeth

Pat Hoosier

PLEASE say a prayer for my dad!! He was supposed to start chemo today but his magnesium levels are not going up they are going to run some more test and do a CT scan. They are planning to move his chemo to next week. God has his hand on my hand and I believe it will be okay!! I have faith in him!!!

Melissa Hoosier Liberto

Amber Prine Ragan

We received a good report today from Amber’s doctor at MD Anderson. Blood work results were good, which shows that her body is tolerating the chemo at this time. The MRI shows that Amber is recovering from surgery as expected. She has been experiencing some shooting pains in the area of the surgery over the past week. They feel this is due to nerves that may have been damaged during the surgeryand will heal in time. She is scheduled to return back to Houston in four weeks for another follow-up. If all goes well, they will release her to start seeing an oncologist closer to home. Dr. DeGroot told us that he only knew of one neuro-oncologist in Louisiana and he is located in Baton Rouge. His name is Jon Olsen and he has already agreed to take Amber on as a patient once she is released from MDA. He will be able to manage her chemo treatment and future MRIs. She will still return back to MDA 3-4 times a year for follow-up visits. We are so pleased with the results at this time and we know everything is falling in place from all of your prayers and support (and an awesome medical team). Prayer is powerful and Amber is living proof of that. Please continue to keep my girl in your prayers as she enters her second round of chemotherapy next week.

Love to all….

Kathy (Ree Ree) (Amber’s mother)

Melissa Johnson

Melissa was at the hospital overnight.  Pray she will be strong when they release her.  Pray for her as she will have recovery time and physical therapy to recover from two broken shoulder and surgery.

Missions – VBS – Day 3 at FBC, Kentwood – Time surely passes quickly when you are having fun.  Pray for the older children as Bro. Joey presents the plan of salvation to them today.  Pray for hearts to be open.  Bro. Joey will talk with the ones who makes decisions individually at a later time.  If the children go to another church, he will pass the information on to the pastor of that church.

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “More Than Information” –

Baptist Press

We have several people still in the hospital.  Take time to pray for each one.

Anna Lee

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