For you did not receive a spirit

that makes you a slave again to fear,

but you received the Spirit of sonship.

And by him we cry, “”Abba,” Father.”

~Romans 8:15~


Continue to pray for Mrs. Flo Hatcher as she continues a roller coaster ride with cancer.  Pray for her faithful caregivers who ride with her.

Jimmy (Linda) Williams of Spring Creek was hospitalized briefly because of stomach issues brought on by diabetes.  Please pray for Jimmy and Linda.

Barbara Hutchinson is improving and preparing for her return to Kentwood Monday.  Keep praying for continued improvement.  She looks good and is so thankful for the progress she has made.  A positive attitude is wonderful!

Kelli Schneeweiss is beginning a week of medical (eye) work in Fiji with the people she works with in Houston.  Pray they can “make a difference” this week.


Read the Bible in 2015


Devotional, Scriptures, and a Song

  • “The Storms of Life” –
  • You may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.                                                     These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith . . .                                       may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.                                                                                                                                                ~1 Peter 1:6-7~                               Later you will understand.                                                                                                                                                     ~John 13:7~
  • “We’ll Understand it Better By and By” 



  • Bible study at 10:00 A.M. on Women of the Bible  – Herodias
  • World Day of Prayer Monday at 10 A.M. at Kedron Baptist Church
  • Lottie Moon Tea at FBC, Kentwood at 2 P.M. on November 15



We have opportunities to choose from every day.  Let’s make good choices and select ones with eternal value.

Anna Lee



“God blesses those who are merciful,

for they will be shown mercy.”

~Matthew 5:7 NLT, 2nd Ed.~


David Wickham (From Cissy, his wife)

Update on David
Day 18 in ICU: they removed the bladder catheter, stomach catheter and staples yesterday.  He sat up in the chair a total of 12 hours.  He sat 8 hours, then took a break and then sat up again for four hours.  He does have increased pain from some sutures that became infected.  They will be using the wound vac today. He is still retaining a lot of fluid which prevents him from bring weaned from the oxygen to a level that will allow him to
Leave ICU.  He is at the point where he needs to push himself to be more mobile and do the exercises past his comfort level.  He had his 1st meal  today- vegetable broth, Apple juice and orange jello.  All of his favorites 😊. I was proud of him – he managed to force it down.  Thank you for your continued support to us. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Mrs. Anne Hurst is in room 10 at the St. Helena Hospital.  I know she would love to hear from/see you.  Keep her in your prayers.

Mansell Stinson went back for a check-up yesterday.  James Rimes, who took him, said that for the first time, Mansell seems to be “pain-free”!  Let’s pray he can stay that way.

Kenny Ray Gill went in for double knee replacement, but did not have surgery because he had some sort of an insect bite.  So, surgery will be rescheduled for a later time.

Lisa Pitri received a wonderful report and will not need additional treatments, only periodic check-ups for now.

Bob Brooks who was hospitalized briefly is now home.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Connor Corkern is still at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, but is improving.  If he continues to do well, he will be coming back to Kentwood soon.

Lisa W. Carruth is in Baton Rouge for a procedure today.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Continue to pray for Mrs. Hazel Smith.  She is at home.

Continue to pray for Barbara Hurchinson.  She has a few more days of rehab/physical therapy in Hammond before coming back to Kentwood.


Cade R. Blades

Born: August 23, 1951
Died: October 27, 2015

Robert “Bob” McDaniel, Sr.

Born: January 21, 1943
Died: October 28, 2015

Read the Bible in 2015Exodus 3-4


Bible Study Tomorrow – Herodias

January Bible Study – II Corinthians

New Zion Baptist Church is beginning I Corinthians so everyone will have a good foundation for January.

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Operation Christmas Child (Shoeboses)

Even though we have our boxes packed and waiting for the collection centers to open, let’s pray for other churches/schools/organizations that are still working on their shoeboxes.  Let’s also pray for the children who will receive each box and each member of the families where the boxes will find a home.  May many of the children and families meet Jesus through the shoebox!

Anna Lee


Do not be afraid of those who kill the body

but cannot kill the soul.

Rather, be afraid of the One

who can destroy both soul and body in hell

~Matthew 10:28~


Rufus Williams’ gall bladder went well yesterday.  Please continue to pray for him as he recovers and heals.

Mrs. Anne Hurst has been ill again lately.  Today, she goes back for the latest report.  Let’s pray she hears good news.



Michael Alan Abernathy

Born: August 22, 1938
Died: October 26, 2015

Daniel Thompson



Pray for the Sheriff’s Prayer Breakfast at FBC, Kentwood this morning at 7:30.  Pray for our law enforcement people every day.



Read the Bible in 2015Psalm 122-124

Devotional, Scriptures, and a Song

  • “Where’s My Focus”
  •  Where your treasure is,                                                                                                                          there your heart will be also.                                                                                                                                              ~Matthew 6:21~                                                                                                               You suffered along with those in prison                                                                                       and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property,                                               because you knew that you yourselves had better and lasting possessions.                                                                                                                                            ~Hebrews 10:34~
  • “He’s Everything to Me” 



Women’s Ministry

  • Fridays – Bible study at 10:00
  • Monday – World Day of Prayer at Kedron at 10:00
  • Noveber 15 – Lottie Moon Tea at 2 P.M.



This is the day God is giving to us today.   Will we use it wisely?

Anna Lee


“God blesses those who are merciful,

for they will be shown mercy.”

~Matthew 5:7 NLT, 2nd ed.~


Bill Frazier was well enough to come back home yesterday.  Let’s pray he is able to stay at home for a while.

Connor Corkern continues to be at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.  He has some continuing issues that are worthy of your prayers.

Mrs. Flo Sanders had a good day and was able to get some much-needed rest.  Continue to pray for her and ther caregivers.



Baotist Press

Read the Bible in 2015 2 Chronicles 25-28

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song



  • Pray with the women of New Zion Baptist Church at 10 A.M. today
  • Celebrate birthdays with ladies of FBC, Kentwood at The Cafe at 11 A.M. today


Invest some of your day in others.

Anna Lee


“If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord

and believe in your heart that

God raised him from the dead,

you will be saved.

For it is by believing in your heart

that you are made right with God,

and it is by openly declaring your faith

that you are saved.”

~Romans 10:9-10 NLT, 2nd ed.~



Operation Christmas Child – 300 shoeboxes are packed and ready for delivery to Samaritan’s Purse so they can deliver the shoeboxes in the coming months,  May each box not only contain some wonderful gifts, but also an introduction to Jesus.  I am so thankful to all who contributed money, bought items, put the boxes together and labeled them, sorted items three days, and packed them last night.  It was a big operation, but so worthy of a project!  They will make an difference in eternity for many of the children.

Today, most of us are thankful for the sprinkling of rain and looking forward to more to come.  Thank you, God.Devotional

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • Behind the Scenes (I really believe in these thoughts!)
  • He must become greater;                                                                                                                           I must become less.                                                                                                                                                                    ~John 3:30~
  • “Make Me a Channel of Blessing”



  • Pine Ridge Monthly Benefit Breakfast
    • This morning
    • 8 A.M.
    • Pine Ridge United Methodist Church
    • Benefits a worthy family/cause
  • “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party
    • Tuesday at 11 A.M. at The Cafe
    • Honors ladies with October birthdays.
    • We’re including Mary Varnado, Gretchen Simpson’s mother this month


Lord, please make me a blessing to others.

Anna Lee



“Please remember what you told your servant Moses:

‘If you are unfaithful to me,

I will scatter you among the nations.

But if you return to me

and obey my commands

and live by them …

I will bring you back to the place I have chosen

for my name to be honored.’”

~Nehemiah 1:8-9 NLT, 2nd Ed.~


Please continue to pray for Buddy Harrison.

Chinero’s dad was to have had a trach and a feeding tube put in last night.  He will be having surgery Sunday to reset two jaw breaks.  Then, his mouth will be wired in place for about six weeks.  Keep Mr. Harrison, his family, and especially his caregivers in your prayers.

Pray for Mrs. Barbara Hurchinson as she begins another day of physical therapy and hopefully enjoys a little more pain relief each day.



Read the Bible in 2015Acts 9-10

Baptist Press

Waylon Bailey

Thom S. Rainer

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “Becoming Invisible” 
  • There is a time for everything,                                                                                                               and a season for every activity under the heavens.                                                                                                                                         ~Ecclesiastes 3:1~
  • “In His Time” – Lyrics



  • Today, at 8 A.M., we will work to complete sorting and preparing for tonight’s packing party.  You are welcome to help.  At 6 P.M,. we will begin our packing party.  Please come join the celebration as we pack 300 shoeboxes.
  • Tuesday, at 11 A.M., the ladies will meet at The Cafe to celebrate the October birthdays of some of our ladies.  All ladies are invited to join us.
  • Spring Creek will begin four days of revival on November 1st.  I hope you can work some of the services into your schedule.


I can get excited about lots of aspects of my work serving God.  Operation Christmas Child is certainly near the top of the list.  I hope each of you can point to some  things that you do that of so worthy of your time and so exciting.

Anna Lee



Above all, you must understand

that no prophecy of Scripture

came about by the prophet’s own interpretation. 

For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man,

but men spoke from God

as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

~2 Peter 1:20-21~

Update on David Wickham

David had a good day yesterday and today. They gave him Lasix to reduce the fluid around his lungs.  He was able to sit in the chair from 9:30 – 4:30.  The OT, PT and RT  worked with him today. He also walked several steps.  He now has a pain pump which seems to work better at distributing his pain meds rather than having a good hour and then wearing off.  His oxygen saturation rate is holding as they slowly decrease his oxygen. He has gone from 100% oxygen to 60%.  We are praising God for the progress and for our prayer warriors lifting us up.  Looking forward to a good day tomorrow.

Update on Flo Hatcher

Flo Hatchers Thursday evening update brought to you by peppermint oil — the whole house smells like it. My mom had a rough day with nausea and vomiting despite the plethora of medicines she has taken. The nurse just left after my mom finally finally fell asleep. We put peppermint oil on her throat and her belly and also on her hip because she’s in pain there. I put peppermint oil in a diffuser too. My mom was suppose to have a couple of her long-time friends over tonight and she was excited because she hasn’t seen them in awhile. She even smiled last night and said absolutely when I asked if she was up for a visit. Well needless to say that reunion has been postponed. This is just so bizarre, surreal and crazy that this has become our life. Wow. Irene Clement is the best caregiver a person could ever ask for. That’s her God given talent–loving and caring for others. She’s asleep on the side of my mom right now. Pray for a calm night……

Chinero’s dad, Buddy Harrison

Please keep this family in your prayers.

Update on Barbara Hutchinson

“Miss” Barbara is now at North Oaks Rehab in Hammond.  She is beginning to feel better.  This move in a step closer to getting back home.

Coach Newman (Parklane)

This is an update from about an hour ago from the Mother of Coach Newman. ( The first year teacher from Parklane ) Please keep the prayers coming.

Christopher is getting lots of therapy these days. He has an occupational, physical, speech, and respiratory therapist. He is breathing on his own again, but does still have the trachea. He has gotten to sit in an upright position for the last three days for an hour each time. He is still moving legs, arms, blinking, yawning and swallowing. He just hasn’t woke up. Our room is 60 degrees, so it gets cold to me at night. They keep it this cold for the vent and infection purposes. He is sweating though and this means the brain is healing. His fever and vitals are all good. Regency is a great place to be in St Dominic’s Hospital. Everyone is so positive. The staff thinks he should make a full recovery because he is so healthy and young. Please keep praying BELIEVING. Tonight I am at home cooking supper. My mom and aunt are with him. This is the first night to eat at home, since this all started. Love all of you. I just can’t wait until he is home eating supper too.

Coach Newman is responding to many requests, but has not been able to wake up yet.  Please pray for this young man, his doctors, his friends, and his students and co-workers.

Update on Josh Yarborough

Josh is still doing well following hip surgery.  He is at home and looking forward to being able to walk in a few months.

Robbie Lynn C. Kirby

Robbie Lynn is going through another difficult time.  Her family is spending a lot of time with her.  Pray for her and her family.



Read the Bible in 2015 –  Habakkuk 

Baptist Press

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


What time is it?

Operation Christmas Child Time!

Today – Preparation for packing party begins at 10:00 today

Tomorrow – Packing Party begins at 6 P.M.

  • Fellowship Hall
  • Wear Christmas colors
  • Bring Christmas snacks
  • Get in the Christmas (giving) spirit!


Thank-you for reading and praying each day!

Anna Lee