Did God provide you with a wonderful opportunity to have a good weekend? I think He always does, but we don’t do our party. Today is a day to put on a smile and to put our best foot foot forward. Chose yo have a great week.

How is your Bible study, reading, and research coming? One of my favorite women is Dorcas. Today, I challenge you to find her and to learn what her gift was.

Today, I challenge you to encourage someone from your church. You you can choose a staff member or a volunteer. There are surely enough people who do, or who have done, meaningful things that impac5ed your life or the life of a family member. You can even choose more than one person. Thank them and encourage them to continue serving. You may even think of more than one. Choose your own way of contacting them and thanking them.

If you have not found some ways to serve Him, make this day one of your search to choose a starting point. Prayer may be your best first step.

Have a great Monday,

Anna Lee