• May 18
  • Hebrews 12: 1-3
  • James 1:2-12
  • I Peter 1: 3-7
  • “Being a believer doesn’t shelter me from . . . .”


Today, I pray for young children, nursery and preschool age. I’m thankful they have wonderful teachers anytime our church meets. That allows them to learn so much and gives their parents an opportunity to learn without having to care for their children. FBC, Kentwood has many adults who take turns teaching. They are all good with the children and excellent role models.The children also have a new, beautiful, and functional space in our newly remodeled fellowship hall building.

Parents have a choice about the children being in a special class or keeping them with their parents in the sanctuary. It is a choice parents can make. The choice the parents choose is always right. Also, as children grow, the parents can change their choice at any time.

Let’s pray for the many children who are learning to come to church and for the many volunteers who work with them. If you choose you can observe what’s happening or you can even volunteer to teach or to help the children as needed while someone else teaches.

I think their new motto could be “Come, grow with us!”Please keep the children and the adults in your prayers.

Anna Lee