Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.

~Exodus 23:25~


On May 1st, I always remember that my momma would let us pick some of her pretty flowers to put into vases me made from paper and go throughout the neighborhood to share them. We were to knock on the door and then hide and watch to make sure the neighbor came to the door and found the flowers. If not, we knocked again and louder.

I learned a lot from sharing the pretty flowers. I learned to share the good things of my life. I also learned the joy of giving and bringing joy to others. People often called Momma and thanked her because they figured only my momma has such pretty flowers.

At school programs this time of the year, the children often danced around a May Pole. The joy came from being with classmates, the music, and seeing the pretty pattern of the paper around the pole as we wrapped and unwrapped the pole in time to the music.

Today, I have no classmates, no pole, and no music, but I do have the joy of sharing with others. Thankfully, it is not limited to May 1st.


  • May 1
  • Week 18
  • Acts 27: 1-38
  • “I often take for granted the blessing of . . . .”


Today, I would like to share that several people have had COVID in the last week. Please pray we do not have another strong round of this disease. Also, pray for those who develop COVID.

Elaine Tolar Doucette has been improving. Thank God for that and for family that can bond together at such times.

Rhonda Miller shared that she received a good report from her doctor last week. Thank God for her good report.

Laurie Miller was able to attend church last night to see and hear her family members sing. Laurie looked good and reported good improvement in the time since surgery.


TODAY, let’s focus on the children (and teachers) who will be involved in LEAP testing. This test determines who passes and who must attend summer school or even repeat the grade. Pray that children in grades that are involved in testing will do their best..


  • Great day of worship yesterday
  • Lot of special music yesterday
  • Many members and guests in attendance

There are many hurting people on any given day. Let God use you to bring comfort and God to them.

Anna Lee