“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

~Isaiah 1:18~


  • Monday, April 17
  • Psalm 12
  • Osalm 120
  • “A time I was burdened in prayer was . . . .”


We know a number of people who have procedures/surgeries this week, especially tomorrow. Some of these people are:

*Laurie Miller

*Nikki Rhodus

*Carol Jean Conerly

*”Cete” Dillon

*Tommy Simmons

*Elaine Tolar Doucette

*Dwayne Creel


W.A. Stringfield, formerly of Kentwood and the brother of Peggy S. Alford, passed away. Please be in prayer for the family.


I knew the weather was bad here just before noon on Saturday.. We had no damage, but knew the power was off in many homes. When we traveled Sunday morning, we saw a few trees down. Yesterday afternoon, we came home from Amite through the Kedron area. I saw a few trees down and one that had fallen on a house, but since we don’t frequently take those backroads, I still didn’t realize that was newly fallen trees. When we traveled home late yesterday afternoon, we rode on Bethel Road. Our eyes were opened to much damage in the area near and south of Bethel Baptist Church. Please be in prayer for all those who may be okay but have fallen trees. If you have an opportunity to help someone, even if it is only some bottles of cold water, please do so. Also, if you have no damage, be thankful.

Operation Christmas Child

The next OCC workday will be Saturday, May 6. We will be preparing “shoeboxes” and many items for shipping. There will be a variety of work to do, so there surely is something you can do. I hope to see you there.

The greatest needs for our shoeboxes now are:

$1.00 flashlights from Walmart

Size 12 underwear

Size 12 T-shirts

Small dolls (Barbie size or smaller)



What a blessing it is for the homebound to have someone to visit briefly with them. You (and I) can be the ones to do that.

It’s always best to call ahead of time to be sure they are home and up to company. It’s good if you can share some home cooking, books, church magazines or Sunday School books, or church bulletins. Be creative. They also enjoy items from the garden, fruit you pick, fresh flowers you pick, etc.

Those who are capable of visiting now may be the ones who wouldciate visit months or years later. Hopefully, someone will visit them at that time.


Today is a wonderful day to pray for our farmers. They work long hours and spend much of that time in heavy equipment. They also spend much time with crops and/or animals. Pray for their daily safety and a profitable year.


Yesterday, I saw a couple who live west of Amite. I remember her as a student from my teaching career, even though I did not teach her, and now her many years of teaching. I did not recognize her husband, but they gave me some hints about him being there in my early years of teaching. (We both have changed some!!!)

When we started to talk, he was quick to say he reads The Prayer Link and referred to my comment to please identify yourself to me as a reader. I was so surprised, but thankful, he told me of that. It was good talking to them!!!

My request stands. If you read here and see me somewhere, please identify yourself to me. I can now add your “picture” to my thoughts as I type each morning.

I appreciate all of you who read here each daily.

Anna Lee