“The LORD is my strength and my defense ; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.

~Exodus 15:2~

Today, I’m asking you to pray for the following people:

Mr. George Eddie Lee and Mrs. Alice Fay Lee

Mrs.. Velma Anthony

Andy and Betty Taylor

Nathan Daniels

Those facing important medical testing

Prayer Focus Today

Today, I ask you to pray for Sunday School teachers and those who lead various other classes and activities at church. As you pray, also thank God for their willingness to be in attendance weekly, giving time to prepare lessons, and for loving those in their class and activity.

I clearly remember a conversation about the offering when I was a child at church in Roseland. Up until that day, I believed the preacher and all the teachers got to divide the offering evenly each week! That is the day I learned about the dedication of teachers (and others) at church, and the word “volunteer”!


Matthew 26: 1-16

Mark 14: 1-11

I feel like I one betrayed Jesus by . . . .


Our monthly workshop will be Saturday at 9:00. in the fellowship hall.

This is planned for school-age children all the way up to adults. Children and youth will get to select a reward for helping. Adults (and children) will be rewarded by visiting each other and by visiting our “treat” table!

Come and help prepare items for the “Shoeboxes. There are various jobs to do at various levels of difficulty. Many tasks are as easy as cutting off tags or applying stickers over prices that are printed on some items. If you don’t like the activity you have, try another one! It can’t be much easier than that! Remember: Each item you work on will be placed in a “Shoebox” in a few months. Then, you can be a part of doing that too!

Special thanks to four ladies and one man who did additional work at home during the month or helped at the church with tasks such as counting for our inventory. Thank to the man who helped David move same tables before Sunday School yesterday. OCC Volunteers, your work is greatly appreciated!

Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions

Thank-you to those who have contributed to this offering. If you have not done so, it is never too late. Be sure to mark your envelope “Lottie Moon”.

The “Fifth Sunday Singing” last night was very well attended. There was variety in singing and performers from several churches. David and I surely enjoyed seeing friends from at least five churches. I must also say there was a big variety of soups and desserts last night and that the kitchen crew was very helpful as they served! Two more groups of people need to be mentioned, The sound and stage crew and those who moved tables and chairs both before and after the meal. Remember what I said about the word “volunteers” earlier. Those people are vital in our churches.

Another Thank You

Thank-you to those who again identified themselves as readers of The Prayer Link. It is so special and encouraging to know who reads daily. Without you, I would not be sitting here and doing this early each morning. Thank-you!


I hope you have found some people/events to pray for today. It’s all about prayers! It’s all about those who pray! Be sure to remember some volunteers.

Anna Lee