So do not fear, for I am with you;

do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you;

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

~Isaiah 41:10~

Please pray for Mrs. Barbara Hutchinson who is hospitalized and awaiting additional testing today.

Continue to pray for Mr. George Eddie Lee. He is blessed to be at home.

Steven Raacke passed away yesterday. He went to school with David. His obituary is not yet available.

Prayer Focus: Today. let’s pray for Christians who are tormented or tortured simply because they are Christians. We are thankful for our freedom to worship, but often don’t think about those who do not have that freedom.


January 16 = Matthew 20:16

Had I been one of the first workers hired that day, I would have felt . . . .


January 18

“God’s Love”

Romans 5:6-11


If you didn’t turn in your offering for this annual focus, it is not too late. Remember, one hundred percent of it goes directly to the international missions work on the field. Mark your offering “Lottie Moon”.


Thank you to the individual who handed me money last night to spend “as needed” for OCC. Our current plans are to look for more calculators and travel-size toys.

Thank you to the individual(s) or class(es) who was/were the first to put their gifts in the basket at the front of the church. The bags contained small cars, small dolls, and pretty colored pencils. The basket will be checked three times each week by two of our men.

Thank, too, to the individual who worked at home to remove some stubborn price stickers on notebooks and to the individual who returned filler paper that was counted out in preparation for placement in folders. That individual took another stack of filler paper to count out this week. Another person is working to draw pictures of cars on the bags that have been made for the small cars. Thank you to the seamstress who made the bags and the artist who is drawing the cars.


Read today’s Baptist news including how Disaster Relief is responding to the tornado outbreak we had last week.

Have a fantastic Monday by checking on someone you haven’t see latlely or doing something special for a new friend.

Anna Lee