SUNDAY – Happy New Year!

Revelation 21:5

He who was seated on the throne said,

“I am making everything new!”

Then he said,

Write this down,

for these words are trustworthy and true.”

DAILY THOUGHTS FROM GOD’S WORD (i’m going to take it easy on you as we begin aa new plan. It’s READING ONLY, with NO WRITING.

Part 1 – JESUS

Week 1: His Life . . . My Life

Day 1 – Proverbs 8 23-31

Isaiah 7:14

Isaiah 53: 1-12

John 1: 1-18

On earth, Jesus revealed God by. . . .

Prayer Focus – Let’s pray for each other as we begin a new season/for of reading. Pray you will remain faithful to read daily. Pray for others to be faithful readers too.

Bro. Darryl’s Messages Today

Morning “God Must Be #1” Exodus 20: 1-7

Evening – “A House Divided” 2 Samuel 2

Start the year off by attending worship services today.

Pay attention to today’s announcement concerning the OCC Workshop.

Set some daily good patterns to your life in 2024 today.

Anna Lee