But when the set time had fully come,

God sent his Son,

born of a woman,

born under the law, 

to redeem those under the law,

that we might receive adoption to sonship.

~Galatians 4:4-5~


December 23 – Luke 2: 8-12


December 23 – Luke 23


Christmas Eve – 6 P.M. service (30 minutes)

Christmas Day – 10:30 A.M. worship

ANDY AND BETTY TAYLOR were still at home and doing okay yesterday afternoon. Keep them in your prayers.

JERRY DOUGHTY is hospitalized with Covid and his other issues. His wife, June, is home with Covid. Please say a special prayer for them.

Wednesday, within about an hour, I received two comments about how much better I was walking. It’s been almost eight months since my first fall. God has been faithful to allow me to improve. David has been a great helper! I am so thankful to be able to walk better and better.

James Rimes shared a cutting from the Enterprise Journal. It is entitle “Three Gratitudes Per Day” and was written by Mrs. Linda Miller of McComb. It is a reminder to be thankful every day! She suggests writing three different things each day every day. I know the list can be endless. God is always blessing us and blessing us in different days.

I assume today’s list surely would include heat, power, water, warm clothing, intact pipes, someone to check on pipes allowing you to stay inside, etc. Oops, I listed more than three “gratitudes” without an problem at all. Yesterday, those thing would not have made the list, but today is a new day. The current temperature is 20 degrees and still dropping. What are the things you would list?

Stay safe as you check the pipes today. Then, get back inside as soon as you can. Be extra thankful if you have someone to do these things for you, as I do. Spend some extra time thanking God for your daily “Gratitudes”. Give some encouragement to others. Be a blessing to others today.

Anna Lee