Today, our thoughts may be focused on weather, but let’s not forget it’s the Christmas season. Plug in the Christmas lights, listen to some Christmas music, wrap some packages, read from Luke and/or any chosen passages.

(We just had a “God wink” at our house. As I finished typing the last sentence, David walked over and let me listen to his phone and “O Holy Night” by a military band.)

Thankfully, the bad weather didn’t come during the night. The reports now show it arriving midday. If we have to experience bad weather, it always seems better if it come during daylight hours.

Stay tuned and aware. Some closures have already been announced. We probably will hear about closures in our area about daylight. Stay safe!

PRAYER FOCUS: Today, let’s pray for people in our area and other areas as the storm comes through. Be extra careful if you have to be out. Remember, God is in control of everything, even the storms.


December 14 – Matthew 1: 21-25


December 14 – Luke 14


Read about protection for same sex marriages, recovery for tornado damage (another “God Wink”, college students being baptized, etc.

The SENIOR ADULT CHRISTMAS MEAL is scheduled for 11:00 this morning. If this is changed and my satellite is working, I’ll post the change. If it remains the same, I’ll also post that.

PRAYER FOCUS: Pray for people in areas the storm has already touched and for areas where the the weather is yet to be dangerous. Pray, pray, and pray some more.

OPPORTUNITY: We are presently in “the calm before the storm”. This weather situation will give you opportunities to call and check. on others, opportunity to share your home, hot meals, showers, etc. Be available and willing to help if help is needed by others today. Of course, stay safe yourself. Let trained personnel deal with emergencies.

“Let your light shine” today!

Anna Lee