Andy Taylor is receivving some good physical therapy to help him improve his strength and mobility. Pray for him as his therapists work with him daily. Betty is home most of the time and is getting some much needed rest.

Alice Mary Honeycutt is home after a couple days in a Covington hospital. Pray for her to continue to feel better.

Jane Wickham is also home. Pray for her continue healing from surgery and then a fall.

Our homebound people seem to be doing okay. Pray for them during the winter, a time that seems to be especially hard for them.

Today is Lottie Moon Day Five.

The Annual Lottie Moon Tea will be Saturday at 10 A.M. at Spring Creek Baptist Church. All ladies and girls are invited to attend and enjoy a lovely tea as well as learn more about a caring, determined, little lady who served in China for a number of years.

Tonight, the Victory Bells will be singing both patriotic and Christmas music at the auditorium just south of Amite High School The program begins at 7:00 and tickets can be purchased at the door. We’ve seen these ladies perform there pre-covid. The Victory Bells are wonderful. You’ll leave with a big smile and some new Christmas spirit.

Sunday night, the children of FBC, Kentwood will be presenting their annual musical, “Hotel Noel” at 6 P.M. Parents and grandparents already have plans to attend. So do other, like us! We wouldn’t miss this great opportunity to support our “younger friends” and to see the Christmas story presented in a new form, not like the ones we were in a “few” years ago.

PRAYER FOCUS – Today, let begin our special prayers for those who are alone or missing some special family members this year. We may not understand their grief during the holidays, but we can pray for them and give them some of our Christmas joy.

If you are reading a chapter of Luke each day this month until the 25th, we’re reading chapter 8.

Read and write Scripture today – Psalm 72: 1-7

Be a blessing to someone by visiting, calling, cooking, baking, helping, encouraging, serving, etc. today. Guess what! You will be blessed even more than they will be

Anna Lee