Please continue to have appointments scheduled with specialists so they can get additional tests done and then, the procedures that will help them.

We have several friends who have Covid. I know you will want to say special prayers for Andy and Betty Taylor. We also have friends who seem to be dealing with lighter cases. Be be alert to Covid’s presence in our community again.


Two River Baptist Association in again having the Lottie Moon Tea. It will be at Spring Creek Church Saturday morning, December 10th. Ladies and girls are encouraged to come and learn how the offering started and how it is used so carefully today. It is always such a wonderful gathering.


Read chapter one on the 1st, chapter 2 on the second, and continue until Christmas morning. These chapter will give the background information and lead you to the birth of Jesus.


Day 30 – Bible Writers and Scholars

Today, I am thankful for those who took the messages given to them and carefully wrote them so we can have them today. I’m also thankful for the scholars who studied the Scriptures and prepared lessons in forms we use in Bible Study today.

Jim Todd, the husband of our life-long friend, passed away yesterday. Please be in prayer for Fay Carol and other family members.

Our lights are starting to blink, so I just published an incomplete Prayer Link. I will ask you to thank God the weather was not too bad here last night, but ask you to pray for those who had tornadoes and more serious conditions. Also, please pray for those who will face these problems today.


Revelations 5: 13-14


Thank God for churches and for schools that include Bible reading and study.

Pray for Sunday School teachers and others who lead Bible Study at their churches.

Pray for pastors who proclaim God’s Word in our churches. Pray for those at the seminaried who teach our pastors.

Anna Lee