Nov. 19 – Psalm 118: 1-2

THANKFULNESS – I’ve been so busy as I started each day lately that I forgot to share a “Thankful Thought” with you. Today, I will do better.


Today, I am thankful to be able to say that for six days I have WALKED. on my own, at church. That ends six months of dependence on a wheelchair, walker, store shopping cart, or someone to help support me as I went through months of healing of my feet. This morning marks exactly six months since I first fell and broke both of my feet. I am so very thankful to report that I am healed sufficiently to walk on my own. I sincerely thank God for healing, David for manutering the wheelchair and becoming my 24 hour a day caregiver, and for Bro. Darryl Miller and Joe Cutrer for giving a helping hand, or arm, to help me up the steps at church when I got to that stage.. Speaking of church, I really missed those first weeks when I was not able to make it to church. I saw the same message on my computer, but missed seeing and speaking to so many friends. I also thank our friend, Glenda Harrell, for providing lots to meals to supplement David’s new skill, cooking. This has been an adventure I didn’t ask for or would want anyone else to have. I have learned to appreciate so many things I took for granted before. Lesson learned!


There are only three more days to turn in Shoeboxes this year, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. After that, boxes will need to be held until collection next November.

There are a number of Drop-Off Locations. Our Kentwood site will be receiving shoeboxes on this schedule.

Saturday – 10-12

Sunday – 3-5

Monday – 8-10

Have a great day. Do something special today. Be thankful you can.

Anna Lee