November 6 – Psalm 100:4


  • Drop-off week begins in 8 days and runs for 8 days.
  • Check the Samaritan’s Purse OCC site to identify the nearest locations and hours of operation.
  • Be sure to arrive during the hours listed.

Thankfulness – Day 6

Today, I am thankful to be able to invite people to worship with us at FBC, Kentwood. It might be at the grocery story or even at a funeral. I hope it is like a seed in someone’s mind and that they might act upon it one day if and when God speaks to their heart.

Today’s Prayer Focus

Today, I hope you will think of several homebound people and pray for them. David and I have been temporarily homebound on several occasions. It’s hard, but teaches an appreciation for those whose circumstances don’t improve. It also brings such a longing into your heart to be with other Christians and to worship together.

A Special Blessing

Blessings slip up and enter our hearts when we least expect them. Yesterday, I spoke to a lady who told me that she prays for me. She really caught me off-guard when she told me I had been on her prayer list for a number of years and she had prayed for me earlier in the day.. This sincere senior adult was such an encourager. I want to be worthy of her time and dedication for all those prayers.

Another Special Lady

David and I, individually, were able to speak to Mrs. Ann Chapman and Deloy Chapman yesterday. She looks great! Her smile is as big as ever. God has blessed her with many years, years long after Mr. Quincy’s death. I knew her before we moved to Kentwood and was surprised when I was taken to her Sunday School class when I entered FBC, Kentwood shortly before we moved from Roseland. She was such an inspiration to me years ago and again yesterday. (Mr. Quincy and my daddy both worked for the telephone company.)

I hope you can say you have some people you have been able to look up to for many years and who impacted your life in a positive way.

This is the Lord’s Day. Keep it that way.

Anna Lee