Dean Sharkey of Kedron asks you to pray for his twin brother, SCOTT, who has had two heart attacks this week and several heart surgeries to help him. Dean and Scott were two of me former students, but long before that we knew them because their mother worked with David.


November 3 – Psalm 106: 1

Last night, Bro. Darryl presented an introduction to the book of Romans. David and I have decided to read one chapter of Romans each day until next month when we will read Luke. Then, we will return to Romans.

Today’s Prayer Focus – Today, let’s again focus on our country as we choose our leaders. Be sure to make plans to vote if you have no already done so.

Thankfulness – Day 3 Today, I am thankful for our daughter and her husband, our son.amd his wife, and our six grandchildren. Seeing all of them recently will probably go on record as one of our greatest highlights of 2022.

Bring some joy to others today.

Anna Lee