October 2 – I Samuel 2: 1-4

Robin Alford is still improving from her last foot surgery. Becky Alford is continuing to stay with her. Continue to pray for both of them.

My high school class had a reunion yesterday. It is always good to see my school friends and to try to figure out who some of them are before they speak to you by name. Our paths in life have been different, but we all have some of the same experiences in life. That is the way it is with Christians. We have many different stories about our Christian faith, but we all know and love the same God.

PRAYER FOCUS TODAY – Our HOMEBOUND – Pray for those we no longer see at church and in the community. Some names that some to mind are:

George Eddie Lee

Mickey Cade

“Cete” and Ruby Dillon

Theople Hurst

Ferrie Gene Blackmon

Andy and Betty Taylor

Give you some of your time to give it to these folks. They will appreciate your visit more than you can imagine.

Anna Lee