Do everything in love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

Frances Strickland passed away. I have no other information. I enjoyed knowing her for a number of years while she attended FBC, Kentwood. Visiting her and her sister at their home was always special.

Everyone who has had surgery lately, including a number of people who have had knee surgery. seems to be doing well. Most of these people are senior adults. Pray for each one as they go through the surgery and extended recovery periods. Being older adds some extra time to recovery.

My orthopedist recommended physical therapy Tuesday morning. I have have therapy Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. I also traded the wheel chair for a walker. What a difference! I’ve found myself going to be early the last two nights. Please continue to pray for me as I heal.

I took a few minutes to check our the work in our church in the area that previously housed the church office. Members of the church are transforming that area to a space that will house the nursery and children’s church, or junior church, the terminology I still use from my previous experiences about fifty years ago. What a blessing to have men with the skills and desire to help.

Read and write Scripture today.

July 28 – I Peter 1: 22

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Anna Lee