Fourth of July

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

~1 Peter 5:7~

Today, as we celebrate the 246th birthday of our country, let’s focus on the many positives of living in America and honor the freedoms of living here. Let’s also say thanks to the many people who have served in out military and who have protected our rights for 246 years. If you previously served, we thank you for your service. If you are presently serving, we thank you for your daily service. May God continue to bless our great country. Please from for America today!

I was asked to include a request for prayer for the local baseball team that will be leaving to play ball in the San Antonio, Texas. Pray for all the family members and friends who will travel with them to give them encouragement. The team is coached by Daniel Speed and represents a number of families from the Kentwood area.

Thank-you to those who helped work on shoebox preparations Saturday. Think of all the items, small and large that go into one shoebox. Multiple that by 400! You will get an idea of the volume of work it takes to accomplish our goal. You may ask why do we set such a high goal, but we think in terms of how many children and families we can bless by introducing them to Jesus. The material things are included as an added blessing. Thanks to those of you who have made recent donations or purchases and to those of you who have given of your time to make pencil bags, hygiene kits, fold shoeboxes, etc. It takes many hands and hearts working together to meet this goal that is attainable by working together. I’m so thankful for the hands and hearts helping us this year.


July 4 – Psalm 86: 11

The focus for our July Scriptures is “Seeking the Truth”.


Stories included today range from the Supreme Court to individual churches and from protestors to diligent workers with the Ukrainians. Learn more about Baptist work and workers around the world.

Please pray for all those who had procedures and hospitalizations recently and for those who receive medical care through home health workers.

Anna Lee