Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called children of God.



June 10 – John 15:13

Today is a good day to purchase items for “Shoeboxes”. This month, our focus is on small games like checkers or dominoes, small flashlights and extra AAA batteries, marbles, stuffed animals, small trucks, coloring books, small cans of playdough, etc. You will find a list of suggestions at the church if you choose to shop later in the week.

WANTED: Parents of elementary age children who will work with their children to complete a colorful, fill-in-the-blank type letters that will go in the shoeboxes. See Anna Lee at church to get your forms. An alternative would be teachers of children who would dedicate a portion of their classes to work on this project.

Please continue to pray for those on your personal prayer list. A personal list is more meaningful to you.

The following is an article about the church our Georgia kids attend. I thought you might appreciated reading it.

Anna Lee