The Lord’s Day

But as for me, I am filled with power,

with the Spirit of the LORD,

and with justice and might,

to declare to Jacob his transgression,

to Israel his sin.

~Micah 3:8~

Would you please put Janet Berka on the prayer list and have the prayer group pray for her. She and her family are our son’s best friends.  She has a 2nd grader and kindergartener. She had breast cancer and they got it. It reappeared in the lymph glands under the arms and they got it. She goes to the doctor Tuesday and they think it’s now in the lymph glands under the neck. She really needs our prayers. Thank you so much. Love you and miss you! 

(Millie Williams)


May 15 – Micah 3: 8

MAY MISSIONS – Pajamas for foster care children

OCC – Ladies’ Workday Saturday at FBC, Kentwood

TODAY’S PRAYER FOCUS – Hearts open for a WORD from GOD

Anna Lee