Sunday Afternoon

Wi-fi issues this morning!

 “I called to the LORD,

who is worthy of praise,

and have been saved from my enemies.”

~2 Samuel 22:4~

Please be in prayer for the family of Mrs. Vivian Smith. She died last evening. Her funeral will be tomorrow in Laurel, MS.

Please pray for Ora Lee Wilson who will have knee surgery in Covington tomorrow.

Please pray for the countries of Ukraine, Russia, and the United States as well as all the other countries around the world.

Read and Write Scripture

March 13 – Psalm 101: 7

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering – Day 8

“United in Prayer”

The Ladies’ Gathering at FBC, Kentwood yesterday evening was very nice. If you missed it, you missed a special time.

Have questions about the Ladies’ Sewing and Craft time Saturday? Please contact Beth Lee or me.

Have a great rest of the day.

Anna Lee